Last Man Standing ⚔ (Entries are closed)

Hello Everyone, we all are here in this forum as we want to get rid of this PMO addiction, for most of the people it is very difficult & for others it might be easy to quit PMO. But the most important thing is that “If we really want to break this habit than we definitely can do this”. We have to do our 100%.

I saw many accountability groups on this forum & i like Last Man Standing Group the most, but it is closed, hence i created a new one.

Rules of Challenge: (Entries are Closed)

  1. No PMO (Hard Mode Only)

  2. If someone relapse than a second/last chance will be give to him to continue the challenge. (But it is optional)

  3. Those who want to Participate write your details on the scoreboard in this manner :point_down:

      TheStranger(5cu5no)18M 🇮🇳 Day 0
  4. Everyone have to update their streak at least once in week, those who don’t update their streak after giving a warning will be eliminated.

  5. The Match will begin on 2020-06-07T18:30:00Z2020-10-05T18:30:00Z i.e. 120 days.

Everyone is free to share any strategy, advise, articles, videos, ebooks on our main topic i.e. PMO & on also on other topics such as productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, spirituality, self care, confidence, concentration, Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, exercises, relationships, Mental & Physical health.

Sharing code - 5cu5no

Current streak - 0
Highest streak - N/A
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want to create a group - To help me and others in their PMO free journey.


Gentlemen (100 +) :innocent: 》》》》》

:red_circle: :four_leaf_clover::tulip: Adulrakha(7uhdi0) 21M :india: Day 111

:red_circle: The_virtuoso (eom7lb) 22M :kenya: Day 104

Men (51 - 100) :sunglasses: 》》》》》


:red_circle: Jainravi1407 (z3lyf5) 21 M :india: Day00
:o: :four_leaf_clover: Murshid (56e7am) 19M :india: Day 85
:o: :star: HappySoul (5x6e28) 21M :india: Day 76
:o: Pingpong1 (q2wnau) 20M :india: Day 60

Teenagers (26 - 50) :nerd_face:》》》》》



Boys (11- 25) :cowboy_hat_face: 》》》》》



Newbies (0 - 10) :baby: 》》》》》


:o: _TIGER(uv0i08) 20M :india: Day 1

Eliminated :persevere: 《《《《《

:no_entry_sign: Saim (brmsng) 18M :bangladesh:
:no_entry_sign: Feenax (w2f6sm) 20 :czech_republic:
:no_entry_sign: New_challenger (yenmnh) 21M :india:
:no_entry_sign: TheFinalFrontier(e3muhl) 26M :india:
:no_entry_sign: Adioz(uce8d1) 25 M :india:
:no_entry_sign: Stealthyninja349 (bcf385) 20M🇮🇳
:no_entry_sign: Angelo34(rv3d97)18M :us:
:no_entry_sign: Kaito_Kid1412 18M :india:
:no_entry_sign: Neo_150(2wrhba) 24M :india:
:no_entry_sign: sohel (m6a0w0) 21M :bangladesh:
:no_entry_sign: Raj10(gny4x7)25M :india:
:no_entry_sign: lastCHANCEtoSURVIVE (dxttim) 28M :india:
:no_entry_sign: walterwhite007(x6my5r)20M :india:
:no_entry_sign: onehumblemonkey(xqrdml)24M :bangladesh:
:no_entry_sign: Peter1505(yoyy3k) 18M :india:
:no_entry_sign: dhr3005(f28e9e) 23M :india:
:no_entry_sign: wijMAN ( 7x7o71 ) 23M :india:
:no_entry_sign: Gabs2120 (x65skt) 30M :ecuador:
:no_entry_sign: Nari999 (yxc4bh) 24M :india:
:no_entry_sign: :four_leaf_clover: Rezboy247 (whxe2l) 16M :us:
:no_entry_sign: Cav800 (sj9fmr) 51M :us:
:no_entry_sign: :four_leaf_clover::tulip: aapoorv75 (af92095) 23M :india:
:no_entry_sign: ShivHanu (wyocpt) 30 M :india:
:no_entry_sign: :star: :star2: Aman1 (rwxg04) 23M :india:
:no_entry_sign: Selfconqurer (hbfj3h) 24M :india:
:no_entry_sign: edistoretto (7aedf4) 19 M :slovenia:
:no_entry_sign: Reborn4 (v7usg6) 24M :india:
:no_entry_sign: :four_leaf_clover: Martial_Beast (xatx66) 21M :india:
:no_entry_sign: blackbull (540mzf) 27M :india:
:no_entry_sign: :star: :four_leaf_clover: Tagore ( tn1ii4 ) 19M :india:
:no_entry_sign: sba123** (bhx4p9) 23M :india:
:x: Sans (95g30t) 17M :india:
:x: AbhaySahil (712ASM) 18M :india:
:x: Yudhisthira (hadnet) 26M :india:
:x: Kaizen(elmade) 21M :bangladesh:
:x: TheStranger (5cu5no) 18M :india:
:x: Alphanor (radi55) 20M :india:

Legend 》》》

:red_circle: = It means you have one & only chance.
:white_circle: = It means if anyone relapse than he’ll get one more chance.
:o: = Guys who have one chance left after taking second chance option
:no_entry_sign: = Eliminated due to relapse.
:x: = Eliminated due to inactivity.

"Guide" = Achievement provided to those whoMotivate & guide the person who relapsed.

  • Lvl 1 = :four_leaf_clover:
  • Lvl 2 = :tulip:
  • Lvl 3 = :rainbow:

"Motivator" = An Achievement provided to those whoPost motivational content here.

  • Lvl 1 = :star:
  • Lvl 2 = :star2:
  • Lvl 3 = :zap:

What is the length of this match? 3 months?


This match has no limit, last person will be the winner.


That’s badass lol, I’m very competitive so hopefully this motivates me to reach new heights💪🏽


Appreciate your initiative bro @TheStranger . Iam in. I hope and pray this Challenge never ends. All my brothers should win. We have two choices I believe: conquer the addiction or lose our life.
BEASTMODE :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Thanks brother @Tagore, I’m glad you like it. I also pray that this challenge never ends.


Please also add your sharing code brothers, i forget to mention it in the rules…@HappySoul
@Rezboy247 @Tagore


I’m willing to join.

@anon14496424, I’m inviting you to join this group.


Bro it is advisable to keep a limit, coz what will happen is initially people will be motivated and everything will be awesome, but soon people will lose motivation and it will die out. Keep a limit of 4 months. That’s a good amount of time. Also, give the contestants one chance to come back. And keep leagues, like 0-10, 10-20, 20-30 and so on. It will make the group interesting. Anyways, nice initiative. Nofapforever :fist:


Thanks for the advice brother @aapoorv75

…but i don’t want to make this challenge/ Match like others present in the forum…i want to make it different…other challenges here are like for 7 days, 14 days , 30 days, 90 days etc…if i keep a limit than we never know our full potential.

I think, It is their choice they want to do or die, i think this is the biggest motivation :arrow_right: 'To beat PMO & win the Last Man Standing with full potential.'

If i give another chance than this thing stick to their mind…and they think if i relapse there is a second chance for me…they can’t do the challenge seriously…they will surely relapse as they know they have second chance.

Yeah i will create leagues, i like this idea.


Thanks for organizing this unique challenge bro @TheStranger
Of course these unique ideas are the result of nofap.
The damage p. does to our brain is enormous



  1. Please try to understand that a day will come when (for example) the top 5 participants will be on 150+ streaks and the 6th candidate will be on 90+ and still he will have no hope for victory and motivation (related to this match) will start dying. It is not a good place to be. Then comes some boredom (in the lives of some). Some stop updating streaks and become inactive. And then people feel like “Let’s just end this shit right here and start new challenge!”. The worst case happens when the owner himself relapses and becomes inactive or goes away after a fight with some people and someone else has to take charge of the entire group. So, there should be a time limit.
  2. If you make different arenas, you can strongly motivate people by announcing their promotion to higher arenas.


  1. God also gives a second chance (or many). Why should we keep this closed forever (as there is no limit) for someone who happen to relapse in initial days. What will he go through? Wait for not 90 days, but forever? He will always miss such a match. Many people do even today. So, their should be a second chance arena with a stay of 10 days. This arena will make people give away binging, which will be helpful in their journey as a whole. Otherwise, once eliminated, he will binge many times. That is why it is good to have such an arena. We will give our best anyway. We will not even think of falling into that pit arena. We will be strong. :fist:


Moreover, I think there is no need of mission task habits like previous versions because people relapse even with that rule. So, we will keep it simple and focused and we will pursue our habits and goals also (but no need to make this group complex).


Yes @TheStranger please read this and try to understand. No offense, but you are not the first one to think of this and as history is a witness, this idea of limitless group always fails. Also, giving second chance will not say that you can relapse once. The relapse will obviously come with consequences (last time we had a slave’s pit in which those who relapse have to spend 10 days before resuming the normal match again). Bro, your initiative is very good, just these small changes will make it much better


Believe me, “the last person standing” is a myth in nofap. Many will be standing (and should be). More than one can win!


Ok brothers @HappySoul @aapoorv75 , If ‘no limit’ is not useful, i create a limit but i keep the limit bigger than the previous one, so i created a poll, I’ll follow the majority…

  • 120 Days
  • 150 Days
  • 180 Days

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If you guys want second chance option then i will add this in the rule but this rule doesn’t apply to me, i have only one chance.


Yes, you can make the second chance optional for everyone personally.


Hey I want to join
Hs- 24 days
Cs-8 days
Location -IN
Will beGlad to compete to you all masters


Hey bro @pingpong1 just write your details on the scoreboard in column according to your streak.