Language Specific categories (Vote now!)

Hello companions,

As you people know, this addiction is spread across nations and continents, we all are same but we speak different languages.
Forum browsing experience would improve a lot if there are specific categories for each international language. Main forum categories will remian in English (Since it’s the most common language here)

I want you guys to vote if you want your language to have a separate category. When a language gets enough votes, I’ll create a category for it. If your language is not listed in the poll, reply to this topic.

  • Spanish
  • Hungarian
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Polish

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French language please

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Russian will be great.

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@sami25 @mr.kyzne4uk Unfortunately I cannot add your languages in the poll due to some error, however your languages are added in the “list”, as more people reply with the same language it might make it to the category.

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Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian languages added.