Lack of high motivation

hello my friends, how are you?

for a while I’ve been noticing a lot of demotivation, unwillingness to work and do “important” things, in itself I see that I’m not having a man’s posture and on top of that losing the addiction against the PMO, I’m not sure if there is a link between the PMO and what is happening to me but I think so.

Unfortunately I don’t feel like doing things and honestly, I don’t have depression or sadness, it’s a kind of laziness really, I’m sure it’s not depression, because I’m in a good mood, and I don’t cry and I don’t have sudden changes in my mood. humor.

I would like to ask you for help, because I have always enjoyed my work and study, but I am not excited and I have no desire to complete my goals.


The desire to reach, the motivation that you seek, lies inside of you. They say motivation is temporary, well that’s a fake motivation, real and true motivation to improve is the one that let’s you do the work even if you don’t feel like it, the one that gives you guilt when you’re not doing your tasks, the one that gives you satisfaction while and after doing the task cause you see, a good life is not a comfort zone, it’s hard work and pain to improve and gain.
Cause you know that it’s the right thing.


hello binocular, really you are right, but do you believe that this is due to the PMO?

Man, I’m realizing even a loss of reason

Go to the nearest hospital, go to the injured soldier’s room who lost his legs, stair at him and tell him how you feel like you lost your life, you can’t live it, or you don’t have a reason to live. What would he say?
You are born for greatness. We are all immortals and death is just a point in the tree of life. You do Nofap cause god told ordered you that to live a better life and get closer to him. Believe in your god that he is always watching you for you are its creater and he loves you and care about you. Do it for the people that you love and don’t let them down. Do it for your crying soul and do it for greatness!!

Honestly my friend, if 5 years ago someone asked me what my biggest strength was, I would certainly say that it was clear reasoning and the willpower to perform my tasks.

I’m not rich, in fact very far from it, I depend a lot on my work to be able to have a good and peaceful life, but I’m getting tired, you know, but it’s not a physical fatigue per se, but a mental strain, the weekend is not enough for me to be rested and refreshed for the week ahead.

Could I be suffering from too much caffeine too?

the fact here is that, I’ve been trying to fight this damn addiction for over a year now, I even manage it for a few days, but it seems that when the benefits really start to be visible I go there and it relapses again

Brother if it’s Mental energy that you are missing then I advice you to read. Don’t underestimate this cause reading strengthens your brain cells and improve your memory and you will feel more aware and alive and you will also feel smart.
Caffeine could be a problem if you drink it too much. If that’s the case then try to reduce it and replace it with natural juices or simply water.
Two things I want to recommend is listening to your music and meditation. These two things will help you find inner peace and you will also experience change in Mentality and behavior.
Watch this video, it’s one of the rarest videos that are truly valuable and it will change your way of thinking