L.P.S. Challenge: The Rewire Continental Hotel

Welcome to the Last Person Standing i.e. LPS Challenge in the John Wick’s Universe

By decree of The High Table, The Rewire Continental Hotel has been consecrated and established under my express stewardship in the form of this thread. I extend my infinite gratitude to those that have carried out successful Last Person Standing Challenges so far.

Needless to Say

This is a personal challenge as much as it is a team challenge. The business betting is a motivation tool for yourself and others. You decide how involved you wish to be! In your victory, lies the victory of the entire Rewire Hotel! All the reasons that shift us to an unhealthy life also shift us towards relapse, hence all those things are our enemies and we are stronger than them, as individuals and more so, as a team. And to our enemies we say…
The members must abide by the following conditions to preserve (i) their authorized membership and (ii) the status of the Hotel’s consecration by the High Table:

The One Rule for LPS Challenge
  1. There Shall Be NO Relapses (of any kind on Monk Mode i.e. no porn incl. p-subs, edging, masturbation, orgasm, and sex) on The Rewire Continental Hotel Grounds for “LPS Challenger” eligibility at joining AND during the challenge.
Hotel's Business Operations
  1. Your Day Count determines your Gold Coin Balance i.e. 1 Day = 1 Gold Coin and each is responsible for their update.

  2. You can have a maximum of THREE ongoing bets at one time and must keep track of it on the scoreboard by yourself.

  3. You can place 2 kinds of bets on Yourself and Others:
    (a) Achieving “x” number of days
    —a-i. If the bet-target successfully achieves your “x” days-bet, they receive the bet amount and you receive twice your bet amount (incl. your bet)
    —a-ii. If the bet-target is unsuccessful in achieving your “x” days-bet, you lose your bet to the Hotel; it’s distributed evenly to other LPS members, w/ rem. going to The Manager.
    (b) Failing After “x” number of days
    —b-i. If the bet-target fails BEFORE your “x” days-bet, you win your bet back PLUS the difference between your days-bet and their days-streak before they relapsed.
    —b-ii. If the bet-target fails AFTER your “x” days-bet, you win your bet back MINUS the difference between your days-bet and their days-streak before they relapsed.
    —b-iii. If the bet-target never fails, ALL your day-coins AFTER your bet-days goes to the bet-target (until they relapse or they release you from this bondage on THEIR conditions).

  1. In case your Gold Coin Balance falls below zero, you’re given a Marker that limits your Membership here by 1 Relapse followed by a dinner reservation (i.e. game over).

  2. One-Relapse results in revoked LPS eligibility, Hotel takes your Gold, AND given a Marker that demands that you don’t relapse again.

  3. Two-Relapses results in dishonoring the Marker, where your life becomes forfeit impending a dinner reservation (i.e. game over).

  4. For re-entry, The Elder (highest streak member) bets on the Excommunicado to complete half The Elder’s current streak AND the Excommunicado does!!!

  5. In case of no re-entry application and/or inactivity, Membership is officially REVOKED (not even the Elder can save you afterwards).

  1. All rules apply to the Manager and the Manager can ONLY be replaced once another worthy Manager takes responsibility for the Hotel.

  2. The Hotel is deconsecrated and this thread concludes when there is no more Last Person Standing.


Perhaps we stand a chance against de-consecration if we activate the John Wick inside us all and to make it so, we shall award these subtitles in increments as follows:

  • “A (Wo)Man of Focus” when the member pass their maximum streak
  • “A (Wo)Man of Commitment” when the member pass the NoFap recommended 90 days
  • “A (Wo)Man of Sheer Destructing Will” when the member passes ONE FULL YEAR

Thereby, I officially declare The Rewire Continental Hotel fully operational. I have served and I will be of service.

REPLY by copying/pasting and updating your Current Streak (CS), High Streak (HS) and Gold Coin Purse (GCP) regularly.

Name - Aditya
Age/G - 15M
S. Code - 838178
CS - 14 Days
HS - 147 Days
GCP - 14



? Manager Aditya 17 17
? Focus vickyx 25 25
? - The_wild_perception 38 38
? - Zeus 33 33
? Commitment Kaizen 93 93
? - Dean_Ambrose 19 19
:warning: - rewire_user 0 0
? - Fizuli 11 16
:warning: - Mahesh2_03 0 0
:warning: - Luffy 2 -22
? - harder 18 23
? - emmanouilNF 0 0
? - rohankians 5 5


The_wild_perception Aditya 10 10 Feb
Dean_Ambrose Dean_Ambrose 19 18 Feb
Kaizen Kaizen 6 6 Feb
Kaizen Aditya 10 10 Feb
Kaizen rohankians 10 10 Feb
Harder Fizuli 5 6 Feb
Luffy The_wild_perception 24 22 Feb


  • FEBRUARY-1-2021 - MARCH-1-2021
Aditya :white_check_mark:
vickyx :white_check_mark:
The_wild_perception :white_check_mark:
Zeus :white_check_mark:
Kaizen :white_check_mark:
Dean_Ambrose :white_check_mark:
rewire_user :white_check_mark:
Fizuli :white_check_mark:
Mahesh27_03 :white_check_mark:
Luffy :white_check_mark:
harder :white_check_mark:
emmanouilNF :white_check_mark:
rohankians :white_check_mark:

I Request Admin @Taher or Mods @Ash_Matt @neveragaintw @amadeus to make post 2, post 3, post 4 editable by everyone. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohh, I remember this. Thanks @Aditya for reviving this challenge. I was very upset when this ended abruptly, this was the challenge that led me to 16 days for the first time, everytime I thought of relapsing, the stakes of this challenge stopped me.
I’ll be honoured to be part of The RCH again.

Name - vickyx
Age/G - 18M
Sharing code - trtoly
CS - 21 Days
HS - 21 Days
GCP - 21 GCs


Name: @The_wild_perception
Age/G: 23M
sharing code: 4v5v1h
CS: 31 days
HS: 31 days
GCP: 31 GC’s


Name: @Zeus
Age/G: 28M
sharing code: ?
CS: 31 days
HS: 31 days
GCP: 31



Welcome friends to the RCH. Enjoy :fire:


Cs : 19 days
Hs : 19 days
Code : a5ssyg
Gender : M

GCP: 19

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I would request and invite my best friends to join this challenge, and start betting on each other. Thank you so much for your love and support friends. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



What are bets?


Count me in brother !
Name- @rewire_user
Age - 17
Sharing Code - ko8y31
CS - 0 Days
Highest streak - 15 Days
GCP - 15

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Have you read rules?

Bets are some sorts of coins derived from your current streak.

Like- If your CS is 10 then u r having 10 gold coins.
You can bet those coins like - 5 on rewire user
If you loose your all bet coins will be given to rewire user and if u won you will get some of rewire user.
In case if u both won then will get extra coins for both, thats all.

And if you want to bet on some one… Just type

I bet 100 GCPs on Rewire User for these many days. And done. Your match will be considered.


Welcome friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank man @Aditya :slight_smile: let me get back a big enough streak for bets, then I’ll join :wink:


Its Ok friend. But I’m waiting eagerly for u. Take Care. :slightly_smiling_face: @Ash_Matt


@Aditya thanks a lot my man!
This challenge is lit af :fire:
The best one there is :ok_hand:


Yes I have read the rules. My question was just regarding clarification. Thanks

Anyone up for a bet then?