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IMPORTANCE OF PRÂNÂYÂMA IN UNBROKEN BRAHMACHARYA : The secretion of semen within man in the sexual organs is controlled by the mind. As soon as a sexual thought enters and flowers within the mind, signals are passed into activation of sexual organs and the ‘Prâna’ or vital energy moves from every part of the human system and focuses into the sexual organs to form the fluid called semen. Hence if a man wants to prevent the loss of semen he must first prevent its formation. If he wants to prevent its formation he must prevent sexual thoughts. If he wants to prevent sexual thoughts, his mind must be fully under his control. Now controlling one’s mind as per one’s commands is not an easy thing. One might catch hold of and restrain anything in the world; but to catch the mind is a near impossible task. It is the fastest and most agile creature in the world faster than light and matchless in speed. In one moment the mind is contemplating on a tasty dish on the dining table and within the next quarter of a second it has gone to the Moon a few lakhs of miles away! The reach and speed of the mind are such that the most wise and capable of people find it difficult to ensnare and control the mind. So what then is the way to control this extremely fast and monkey like intoxicated mind which wants a million things all at the same time? Our ancient Yogi’s say that the mind can be controlled by that which created it. By that which gave birth to it. And the mind is created by breath. As we breathe, so does our mind function. If we breathe rapidly and randomly, the mind also behaves randomly with many thoughts cropping up in succession. Observe how breathing becomes rapid and fast when under sexual excitement. Observe how breathing becomes rapid and fast when under the action of anger or any other emotion. And correspondingly observe how it is impossible to entertain any thought when we take a deep breath, hold it and stop breathing for a few seonds. If we do this, we will see that no thought can be pondered on or indulged in for the few seconds when there is no inspiration or expiration but only retention of breath in the lungs. Hence the mind and breath are connected. By controlling one’s breathing pattern, one can control this superfast mind. In the treatise ‘Yoga Vâsista’ written by the great sage Vasista, the mind has been compared to a horseman and the breath compared to the horse. The intoxicated horseman (mind) seeking excitement and not knowing what he is doing wants to ride to the end of a dangerous cliff atop a mountain. But if the horse (breath that controls the mind and Prâna (vital energy)) were to refuse to move forward, the horseman (mind) would be helpless, would not be able to move around foolishly and would eventually be controled. So it is told that if one can develop the ability and technique to control one’s breath then he would be able to effectively control the mind from roaming around aimlessly and dangerously behind sense pleasures. Thus through the control of one’s breath, one develops control over the mind and through control of the mind acquires control over his semen. Control over his semen gives man the ability to prevent the formation of further sexual karma and the prevention of new sexual karma ensures that he can rapidly progress in negating the past karma, thereby reclaiming the Lordship of the soul. The practice of ‘Prânâyâma’ using special breathing techniques twice a day (Before Sunrise and during sunset when the breathing of both the right and left nostrils is equal and the breath can hence pass through the Sushumna or the central Nâdi or astral channel in the spine) gradually helps one reach a calm and serene state of mind and thus results in mind control. Through regular and consistent practice of ‘Prânâyâma’, the helpless horseman called the mind finding the horse (breath) unwilling to move as per his commands soon gives up his erratic movements and becomes calm and composed. This calm and composed mind is then directed on God and with the mind having achieved a certain degree of freedom from recurring, strong sexual thoughts – the formation of and loss of semen is automatically curtailed. This is the secret behind the Yogi maintaining unbroken Brahmacharya. Practice of 'Prânâyâma for many years with absolute Brahmacharya and Godmeditation is also the method by which Yogi’s develop superhuman powers or ‘Siddhis’. The incidence of all Siddhi within the yogi is through the mastering of ‘Prânâ vidya’ or the control of ‘Prânâ’. By the use of ‘Prânâyâma’, unbroken Brahmacharya becomes very possible in course of time and under the grace of God. If the sublimation and transmutation of Rethas (semen) is carried out without a break for a period of 12 years, the level of ‘Prânâ’ or vital energy within the body reaches a level where all faculties of the body, mind, intellect and consciousness reach a state of superlativity. This helps in the ascent of 'Prânâ/vital energy or 'Kundalini (The Serpent power) within man to reach the final chakra ‘Sahasrara’ which culminates in Yoga Samâdhi or superconsciousness. In the state of Nirvikalpa Samâdhi, man gets the power to nullify certain of his past karmas and become stainless, thereby hastening his progress towards final emancipation. Focus on a life of Brahmacharya with regular yogasana/exercise/sports at the physical level, 'Prânâyâma for regulating the vital energy and constant Godmeditation with devoted prayer to God for success following which Brahmacharya becomes longer and longer and finally life long under the grace of the Almighty.


Wonderful text!
Symbolically, the thoughts are Air element. And the breath controls the Air. It really makes sense.
So when urges comes we must hold the breath few seconds?
Can you explain more about these Pranayama breath techniques?

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There are many types of pranayam.
Basically Pranayam is a part of yoga and it helps in the following ways:
• Decreases Stress level
• Improves Mental health
• Improves Concentration
• Improves Memory
• Improves Lung function
• Increases Mindfullness
And much more…

There are many types of pranayam but one should practice the following pranayam daily to get all these benfits:

  1. Bhastrika
  2. Kapalbharti
  3. Anulom Vilom
  4. Bhramri
  5. Udgeeth
  6. Omkaar

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