Knowing nofap is long but it never works

hi bro, I have known Nofap for more than 6 months. But I haven’t hit more than 7 days :frowning:
Are there any tips for me to reach 30 days?
Help me senior

I hope you are always successful :shield::dagger:


Its just simple as saying NO when you feel like doing it… There’s no rocket science involved


You are behaving as if you have an exam , you know the syllabus , but haven’t prepared anything …If only knowing the syllabus will make you topper everyone would have been a topper . Similarly in nofap you have to do exercise, meditation, have to observe the urges, it’s not that you would wake up one day and make 30 days streak without any efforts


Read the easypeasy method. You will have a better understanding on your behavior with porn and it can help you quit.


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