Jynx Call for Friend

Hi I am Tiya. It is quite embarassing to write this here but the first step is to be true and then again what’s life without a little leap of faith? I find myself in trouble with this persistent masturbation addiction and I wish to improve my life. I would love to have someone as a companion in this chronicles of anti-pornia. I do pledge my support to you so that we can fight it together.

Suddenly this post seems like a battle cry. Nevermind!

Sharing code - br8m11

Current streak - Started
Highest streak - Bazinga
Age - 27
Gender - F
Location - India

Why I want a companion - So that when I get the urge, that companion can stop me in my tracks and bring me back to cold harsh reality.


Hey, I will be happy to help.
Add me my code is : 2d4ren

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Hiii there,
I am Akash. You can add me too. My sharing code - i_akash. Let’s help each other. I am on my 28th day streak and will be happy to help someone.

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Hi there Tiya.
I’m there if you ever need support
My sharing code is: f7ded0

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my code is mjx
I can be your partner

Join some challenges going on …on other topics…you will get companions and motivation as well…

Being in group of people with same aim brings success.
:pray::pray:Keep going.

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Hi, I saw your post. Before, you can overcome there are somethings you need to know.

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Please do share the same.

Please do share your code.

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I use it in safari so don’t know the code. You can mention me if you’re into spirituality or need any help. Good luck

Hey Tiya (@Jynx)!
I am also a girl! I’m 22, just joined this app a week or two ago! This is a great community and we all would love to help you and encourage you on your journey!
My code is 2weel2 .
Reach out anytime you need a friend! We can do this together!


Hi Tiya

I am facing the same problems and i would like to have team partners to come out of this addiction together.

My code: hzn5de
Age: 26
Current Streak: 4 Days

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Well there are thousands of people here but literally no one will be available for you 24/7.
The best companion is no one but yourself that will keep reminding you the harsh reality.
But still I know talking with someone makes us feel better so I am happy to help.
My sharing code : 34s8lb
Stay Strong :muscle:


This is super exciting. Loads of love to you sista!

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Even words give great strength trust me…everyday I see a new person envouraging me to be better. It is highly motivating.

This is actually great. To have someone really understand the physical changes that this addiction of masturbation does in the way it happens to women is so empowering. I am glad you took the time to message and I will continue to check up on you and encourage you too. We are together!


I know we are all busy but trust me every new friend I make here becomes a motivation and inspiration.

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Are you agree to explain this?

I have a friend (woman) who has asked me if a porn addiction could be the same for a woman. I guess she could be struggling with this.

I’ve to admit that I couldn’t answer her. Because I’ve never heard a woman explained that

It is the the same I guess mostly because at the end of the day it is an addiction.

1). Loss of concentration
2). Oversexualisation of normal conversations/activities
3). Overuse actually disscolours the labia majora/minora
4). No control over wetness.

In some ways it is worse also because as a woman, it is easier to get involved in sexual activity. One must have great self control to avoid falling into a trap. Even on this forum I have received many offers from men here to experiment with them (pathetic I know).

I was able to control myself externally throughout my life but internally porn ruined my mind.