Justadic 's Journey

Hello everyone. I am 26 years old from Thailand, a country that teenager think porn should be legal.

I don’t know my terrible habit until I broke up with my first girlfriend.

We were a lovely couple at beginning. Yet, my porn addiction ruin everything. I thought she was sex object that I can do whatever I want. I remembered that I cannot even control my mind. Finally, we broke up.

My journey start during that period of time, when I try to fix my relationship but it was too late. I have been using in NF app for ~2 years. It was only once that I can reach 30-day steak. I used to fap at least twice a week. When I tried long abstaining, 7-day or 10-day, I always had to continuously fap everyday afterward.

But, Now, After NF have been updated and included community into the app, I am reaching my day 24.

When I look into my progress, though I still addicted to porn, the relapse period have been longer and longer from twice a week, once a week, and now once for half month.

I do appreciate myself for this progress. My body, mind, and soul are stronger every single day in this journey.

I keep telling myself, you are not alone anymore. Many NF friends are fighting with you. Keep moving forward, stay strong, and reach day 90 together.

Thanks NF community for all contribution. All the best.


You are not alone on this journey. We are all fighting together.
Reaching day 24 is already a very good achievement. Keep fighting continuously.
As you describe it will get easier. A relapse is terrible but it’s no a reason to give up, it’s a reason to get up and try it even harder.
You are doing an awesome job.

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Thank you for your support.:grinning:

Reaching 30-day milestone.
I am exciting to reach this stage.

Previously, I used to reach this day with OVERCONFIDENT and COMPETITIVE mind. Please avoid those behaviour. I failed terribly for that attempt. At that moment, I thought I can watch ■■■■ and can overcome it. Sadly, I am wrong. I fall back to the ground and start addict to PMO again.

Almost 1 years, after start learning more about myself and my habit. I slowly start build up a confident to reach this point again.

One trick that work for me is to remove NF widget from my phone screen because I like competition. I always want to beat my record and I also start thinking about PMO everytime that I watch a counter. Thus, I remove it from my phone and check my steak occasionally from the apps.

Hopefully, this trick may work for our community as well.

Stay clam with peaceful mind.

Happy New year 2018 :star_struck:

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DAY 60

Long time no post.

Day 1-30 : It was my winter break. So, I stayed with my family and busy with my family everyday. I didn’t have time to think about PMO. I called it easy pace.

Day 31-45: After I went back abroad, though I lived alone with my host, I feeled lonely. At the same time, I was stressed from working. I cannot follow any exercise routine, I planed. Urge was coming toward me every single days. IT WAS HARD TIME.

To pass that period, sometimes, I watched movies with love scene for relaxation. Then, I edged. Suddenly, I kept telling myself “urge come, urge go”. I kept remind myself “I want to be a better man”. So, I didn’t progress to M and O stage.

Day 45 - 60: It is wonderful period. I forget what is MO. I don’t care it anymore. I understand one thing that urge always come when I don’t have anything to do or overthinking. To avoid that, “Just do it”, keep doing what you can do at that moment. Don’t panick!

For changing:

  1. My skin is brighter and smoother
  2. My confident and self-respect boost.
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