Just want to know that When I will able to send unlimited message to unlimited users?

Hey guys, I was just texting my friend but got the limit of only 3 messages and my conversation with him get stopped for 3 hours or more. Please suggest me abouth the unlimited messages or more messages than 3 or 5.

*I request you to not judge me and please don’t use bad words. If you don’t want to cooperate then ignore it.

Your are newbie… Be Active more in forum, it will grant all functions to you :+1:


thank you for your reply.

There are 4 trust levels.

Trust level 1 :- basic
Trust level 2 :- member
Trust level 3 :- regular
Trust level 4 :- leader

Each one grants different amount of benefits… you are on level 1… therefore you got less in tour limits… Spend time in forum… to gain more benefits…

For more details… click on badges(forum badges). The click your basic badge… then click it again…then click on the blue words… you will get all the required details…


Thank you bro for your reply. It is helpful

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