Just trying to understand

So , after 5 days of absolutely no urges, on night i was so fkin horny, i had an erection for almost 3 hours. In my mind I could’ve fucked the wall or the bed, that’s how horny i was. I literally couldn’t get sex out of my mind and kept imagining scenarios and also remembering scenes with an ex. Even when i started reading a completely unrelated novel : , Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint" … It calmed down after i drank a cup of water and I began reading some of the posts here. Thing is, i had a dream, but…a REALLY LONG dream where i had sex with with an actress, and it was so…animal like. No foreplay, just straight to pumping…and it was a lot. Everything was so detailed and i felt so conscious at that time, could’ve mistaken reality at some point.

Ok, i understand the no urges part, because i kept myself busy. But what was up with that hornyness?Pretty sure i didn’t see anything that would excite me that day. I wasn’t craving fap, not at all, i was THIRSTY for sex, like a dog in heat…what? Why did that happen? Is it normal? I think the dream was a result of the hornyness prior so I’m not gonna question that.

My question is, after having a very very strong orgasm in my sleep, with ejaculation, does that cout as a relapse?

Wet dream is not a relapse