Just need someone to talk to

I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel numb in feelings. I haven’t relapsed since yesterday but honestly shit has been going this week. I broke up with my GF because she didn’t seem to care for me and lacked any communication skills. I’m sad that I had to do that but I did it because I felt it was the right thing to do. I feel lonely at times though. I know I only have 1 friend I know in person and finding real friends is difficult nowadays. Loneliness comes with depression and depression comes with negative thoughts to lead to porn. I’m trying to stay strong but it’s tough if you don’t have anyone to really talk to in times of negative emotions. I know I said I am strong and need to workout so I can get better but I just feel numb lately and the connection I felt with that woman is missed even with someone who didnt care. How is that possible?
I have semi depression and just taking it day by day.


Sup i am here sad to hear your gf broke up with you

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I had 1 friend last year, and this year 0 friend.

Maaan fuck that bitch you did the right thing king
well Here you go
beginning lonely sucks i agree with that but man believe me , when i tell you are in the best situation ever you are alone just YOU VS YOU
turn this situation into war turn your mind into warzone turn you Room into a damn battleground turn you days into a fucking hot days

in iraq where you focus on yourself and your goals disappear for one week one month or a damn fucking year and rebuild your self , create a damn monster fight your old self until you win
Make progress, no FAP No bad habits, train , make goal on your day go through that war and win
Watch your progress grow up
“Pain of discipline or pain of regret”
Both way are painful but regret won’t pay you back
Keep going Man also if you wanna add me on Instagram we have chats together and work together too “ghostvndx”

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Im starting to move out of it already. She didn’t care so why should I. I don’t know but this journey will take me somewhere. I won’t be a simp or beta no more but an alpha.

Wow that’s worse. I can’t imagine that. How are you handling it?

Thanks for the advice man. I need that stuff. I’m trying to make an account where I make some home made barbells to lift and track my progress on fitness. It gives me some motivation atleast. Not gonna lie that semi depression shit is still there but I hope it goes away.

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I added you man in Instagram.

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I know I’m a bit late to the conversation but I really hope you’re feeling better after all of that. Sometimes going through difficult patches in life help us realize who in our lives truly care about us.
If you ever wish to talk to someone feel free to add me or message me.

I wish you the best in life.


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