Just made a huge mistake

My friends sent me a pn video of a popular girl in my area and by seeing her I was not able to resist myself and i went to Google and watched that video for 2mins but in middle I realized no I m going wrong again
But now I came back and survived from doing a relapse :man_facepalming::broken_heart:
But in my d
k there is some sensation like something is coming outside without even touching I don’t know why I came so sensitive to porn and all these things earlier there was no problem like that

And I m not gonna watch any of that things again like my friends sent me :broken_heart:but I can’t get over it pls give me any suggestions I know I did wrong but i realized it later pls help
And ejaculation automatically happens without touching my D if I see any erotic content
If anyone knows how can i cure then help pls


You have relapsed bro…
Your condition can only be cured if you follow nofap strictly. No edging ,No peeking like you did , no PMO , No soft po**.


Bruh I agree I relapsed but not completely
Semen is still in my body
I hadn’t ejaculated yet but yes I agree that I made a mistake by watching that

Since how long you have been doing nofap

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Dude @GOGETA if I was in your place, I would have blocked that friend, I’ve told all my friends that I am on no fap and don’t even dare sending me such stuff.


Today is my 13th day
Longest was of 123days last year


Yes bruh I blocked him and left that group :heart:



Nice :fire:


Well I think you have a serious issue. Without touching your D,how can someone get ejaculations ?? I think it’s sign of PIED
how severe you were addicted to porn?

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If you have made 123 days streak, you must be knowing that this is a dopamine addiction not that whether semen will come out of body while peeking or edging…

You saw that clip , you gave your Brain the dopamine and let’s say it burned your 5 dopamine receptors . Whether your semen is in or not your that 5 receptors are burned . So no healing …

Sorry if I sounded rude, but I’m not :joy:


Okay bruh I agree but I don’t take it as a relapse😂

It’s totally upto you how you take nofap as , if you don’t want to term it as a relapse don’t let it then . Focus on other things and continue your streak.


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