Just had a Relapse

Just had a relapse now
I feel so down. I thought I could go to 3 days streak​:cry::sweat:

Can I ever stop this?
I’m so ashamed of myself

Yeeeeees you can , you can without asking this question , you can force yourself , you can do all the companion really do it … the easiest way it’s for the champions and you will … be standing up , go to the air … think … just take your time for breathing … for your memories good ones and bad ones …
Ask yourself why to cry … crying is good but not for long time because never will change by it … you have to accept only your strong and your resistance to do this … look to the full half cup of fresh water …
Relapse sometimes good to extrachange but you have to do your best … so be a man that you like to be … we always can till we have a breath inside muscles and blood so take your time and reload your energy … yeeees yeeees make something good to yourself to do your work or studies to palnning time … believe it’s not easy like my words but step by step you will do and understand .
I hope that I change your mind little bit …
Stay_strong .