Just failed again

Hoping to find a companion for some advice and help 75a9b7

Hey bro, be courage! We all have failures, you’re not the only one. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail but how many times you get up and continue doing your best to go forward.
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God bless you bro.

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Thats ok just be strong and man enough to accept your failures and man enough to beat this addiction . You can do this.
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Can people message others on here?

Also I know this might sound dumb but I have an app on my phone that blocks porn and apps and stuff but the problem is that it is linked to my email and password so everytime I wanna watch porn or anything I just unlock it. I was thinking if I could change the email of my account to someone’s password that it would stop me because I’d be unable to have any access at all. If interested just reply.

Man its not you its your addicted brain .no matter what you do it will find a way back to get that dopamine high dose … You have to take a stand against your brain . Every time your brain always have a way to watch porn you have to controll it. You only can make it hard but not impossible for your brain … so make it hard and then control your brain .

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Hang in there man. Just keep trying. Focus on helping others in here.

Yes bro, it is possible to message others on here. I will send you a message to your inbox so you can see how to check your messages.

Do NOT give up. I am on day 15 and the urges are strong. My journey has been long and arduous. Many many failures. As I am typing this, I feel like clicking on porn but I know that it is not worth it. I do not want to start over so I will not peek, I will try and stay busy, I will try and motivate myself to do more productive things. I am a recovering chronic fapper and will take it one day at a time. Oh my this storm is strong, but I am a well built house with a strong foundation and will weather it until it passes. Be kind to yourselves my friends. Good luck!