Just an update from me, please send encouragement/advice as you can, thank you

I fell so hard after such a good streak I feel like I went through the floor. They say the only place you can go after hitting rock bottom is up, but they don’t mention how much that rock bottom hurts every single time you hit it. But do not worry, I have hope, the great thing about pain is the more you go through the more you can endure. I’m sure in the long run, when (not if) I get through this, all that pain will have been worth it.
Hope this helps somebody and if anybody feels like it. I’d love to have some feedback


My love, your words are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for writing words as deep as the winds from the east. You are kind and your words are very pleasant. :up::trophy:

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@Anthe @drago @FlowForCourage @Forerunner @muradelizade06 Please feedback here. Help our friend. :up::trophy::blue_heart:


Brother… Did you have suffer enough?

Because it’s time now for long term change! And we are all with you! <3


It happens to me all the time. Every single time, I try to mainly a higher streak, I relapse, then again, again and again. So it’s not a few people it’s happening with. Do you know what the best dolution is? Never relapsing again. I know, it’s like, impossible. But just think about it, you fear of relapsing. Then you relapse and can’t get out of cycle and it happens again. But what if you never do it till your last breath? Wouldn’t that be awesome? It’s too hard, I know, but if we would go with this mentality, we can reboot. That’s all I can say.
Good luck to y’all.


Yeah, it HURTS. :sob:
Just relapsed after 21 days of labour.
I mean it realy hurts man.

As you said,

And this is what i need right now.


The feeling after relapse is hard enough. Don’t be angry with yourself. This will only lead to negativity and more relapses.
Be kind and forgive yourself- and make the promise to your future you that he will be better and suffer less than you do at that moment and hold that promise.

You don’t need pmo. It doesn’t make you feel better. It makes you feel bad- you just feel less bad when doing it and take that falsly as feeling good.
You have to brake the addiction once and for All. Then you will feel better all the time


Bro, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and move forward… Don’t let your guard down…


Trust me, brother, I know that pain very well.

I don’t know what’s worse, looking up at high streaks and wondering why you seem unable to reach them, or realising that you could reach farther than you dared to imagine before only to jump off the roof. It’s scary realising just how far we can self-sabotage.

We have to forgive ourselves, brother. It’s time we stopped punishing ourselves and showed some self-appreciation.

I highly recommend checking out the Easy Peasy Way book if you haven’t already.