Just a forum to let your mind loose and be peensus

Dear visiting user,

Welcome to the first post of this already dead forum! I’m so glad you could make it… I’m letting you know now, I am a human being that shares a lot of things in common with you believe it or not and I know your pain and only wish you have the strength to complete another day free of PMO hell! I also hope you’re successful in life and can find every piece of yourself somewhere down this fucked up road.

Sincerely your bro,

Bro Bro

P.S. I haven’t been feeling very depressed lately… And peensus.

P.P.S. If you’re really that bored, just go play Happywheels.

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Sleep is very very important to your overall wellbeing and a requirement as a Warrior.

Check out this album named Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World, Transistor by 311 OR Korn by Korn. It’s all worth a shot, get out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons. Also, Peensus…


Bro Bro.

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