June to January Summer Camp

It’s me @Jaskeerat back here in the arena.
I have come up with a new challenge ‘the Summer Camp’ in which soldiers are trained and they become leaders.

© I know everyone falls down and no body here is a perfect success but no body here is useless.

Brothers we all can make a difference, don’t be so easy to yourself, be tough with yourself so that nobody can hurt you more than you hurt!

© Either break the barriers or submerge into the depths of addiction.

© You were born free so be a free man now, get up of your comfort zone and do some work.

® I will keep posting more motivation into this thread and also keep it as a daily entry. I will surely win!



Add me in @Jaskeerat bro.
Your last challenge winter soldier was so good.
I achieved 7 days streak from it.
Looking forward for this one.



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Add me new concept 8oxc9k

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I can help you in making table if u want

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Ohhhhh bhaiiiiiii
@Jaskeerat how are you bro!!!???
Good to see you back!!!
Quite a surprise u gave me there.


Add me please.
Current streak-31 days
Sharing code- lwi7hm

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Glad to see you again Jaskeerat bhai. Back from hostel? How is it going?

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Please add me too!
Completed 6 days!

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Please add me , am new here
Code : v00a2m

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Hi there
I have added you and would ask you for your help in the table making. Please edit the post of participants and add others too.
You are now the second coordinator of this challenge.
Remember with great power comes great responsibility.

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Add me
My code is 1icct8

My name pleas…jssmsje

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