Journal, but only about female attraction experiences

I stumbled upon the anti-method of seduction someone posted:

I think this approach fits well with SR, and I’ll begin implementing it when I have some free time.

Hey guys, 30 days in.

I actually got sick for the last week or so, but kept working through it. Eye contact was still strong even while I was feeling lethargic.

Thought I’d update today because this girl I was looking at gave me a massive smile and her eyes started just rapidly blinking as I kept my direct gaze at her.

Day 30+ is usually when I get the pretty intense attraction. Going to a club tonight, will keep you guys updated.

Lol. Just after I wrote this I made eye contact with another girl and the same thing happened. She got all flustered and started blinking rapidly.

Good times.

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Mor eye contact, women saying hello to me randomly. Have a few dates lined up for next week.

Still haven’t tried the anti method technique, but can see the benefit of it.