Jolly998 change your MINDSET! this is a self battle you must take on! Defeat urges! (Idk how to message)

jolly998 you can do it! Stay positive! Never give up. It’s a choice of self-reflection and DETERMINATION. There is an endless possibility if you just decide to conserve your inner power (seed)! Just need to stay strong and believe in yourself!

What I do when I feel an urge:
Tell myself it’s actually energy. I do following until go away.

  1. Deep breathes
  2. Mediate
  3. Watch nofap motivational videos!
  4. Activity- sleep, cold shower, read, production,call friend, remember I want to be better person, etc.
  5. Get out of house!

Only mode is hard mode! You close the door on dirty thoughts. Visual it! Rules to hard mode:

  1. Do not touch
  2. Do not touch
  3. Do not touch
  4. Do NOT look or peek at anything! (Only girls you are allowed to see are girls in real life and guess what? No dirty thoughts about them, only see face and their beauty they hold!
    Dont let yourself get hard, in the shower, or sleeping on it. You just let it pass and do kegal exercises if it’s up …

I have several adult blockers. Best one is called Turple Web Filter. It filters everything! I also use hide notification app to hide it on top bar. I have a switch to wifi I can easily turn off and on. I deleted all social media apps. I play video games! If I relapse, I delete all my data and have to restart. You just have to make it through the day! And it keeps going every day! So keep busy! Find yourself!

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You are so supportive brother.

Thanks a lot

Btw you can just tap on the profile pic or name of the person, a pop up window will come. There will be a message option in it.

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