Jolly June Challenge!

Sharing code - 83aee5

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 17 days
Age - 15
Gender - M
Location - Usa


Let’s become more connected with each a other and conquer this addiction easily with daily motivation, success stories and benefits you’ve Expirenced, along with tactics to get rid of the urges!



Colder Day 30
Nawful.nounou17 Day 30

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Hi guys how are you doing in this challenge?

Are you all participants invited to the private message thread? You should add your sharing code there, otherwise we cannot keep up with progress.
Some people have a different counter name than the forum name. If this is the case, please mention also the counter name.

@david.ub, @edwinvakkachan, @nawfel.nounou17, @LIFEofGOD, are you still active at this challenge?

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Take me out brother I relapsed

I failed. Sorry…

June has been finished.
@Colder and @nawfel.nounou17 made it to the end.

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