Let’s join together and fight this thing. So kany times I have reached weeks or a month or two and fail and fall into the same loop over and over again. If you have had the same struggles join here and tell your story, we HAVE TO hold each other accountable.

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It takes 90 DAYS to rewire your brain, that’s why the 90 day nofap challenge is a thing. It takes 66 days to form a new habit, and then longer to completely erase the old one from your mind.
WHAT WE MUST DO: WHENEVER we get an urge NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL we must go to this app and click the urge button, and realize that we have an urge, and its ok, it may be hard but we must be mindful of it, and know that IN THAT MOMENT WE HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE A STEP CLOSER TO TRULY LIVING or we have the option to take a step towards killing ourselves slowly and possibly never breaking the habit.
When we get that urge we must realize it, use the meditation app and if it goes away by that then thats GREAT KEEP DOING THAT!! But if It does not go away, then USE THAT ENERGY to do something CREATIVE OR CHALLENGING! that energy is SO POWERFUL and you have to try a bunch of things until we find what can actually replace the habit of pmo. You may also want to find WHY you get the urge: is it loneliness? Emptiness?(as in no purpose or passion? Is it just energy that you have and the only way youve known for years is to release it? Is it a way to relax?
FIND THE WHY and change your life to fix it, incorporate good healthy habits into your life.

And ONE MORE THING: what we release is our SEED, our LIFEFORCE ENERGY and it is so so precious.
After my recent relapse I have felt disoriented, guilty, shameful, and just no energy and I am SO READY FOR THE 90 DAYS TO REWIRE MY BRAIN!!!

All this advice I gave is from my own experiences and findings, I will be doing the same and whenever I and you really need help, we can post it here and get the support we need.




Yo! Im new to this app and I don’t really know how you join a challenge group, so I added you as a companion but what’s after that?

Hi bro. I am new too. I dont even know how to add companions . Pls educate me on this and challenges

Boa noite, obrigado pelo topico, começando hoje dia 08/09/20.
Juntos somos mais fortes

Juntos somos mais fortes.

I do not speak portugese. But i hope you speak english, brother.

Está traduzindo. Obrigado

Good to see you can understand me. I am your companion here.

I’m starting today, I already have other compulsions that I’m already managing to free myself. I am in Anonymous Players and Alcoholics Anonymous. 4 and 2 years respectively without playing or drinking. Now I start a new fight.
Usei o google tradutor kkk

Também estou começando hoje. Estamos aqui para nos apoiarmos uns aos outros e acabar com nossos vícios. Juntos, seremos capazes de nos apoiar.

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