John's Journal (CheckIn Log)

Addicted for ten years, cant go on more than a week.I have to stop it. I am starting this journal to hold myself accountable.
Day 1


Restarting again after i relapsed daily last week. I was in my second week, wasnt feeling urges but felt lonely and depressed.

Usually, in my second week i always feel strange, i cant properly explain it. Its a mixture of loneliness,anger,envy,regret. These emotions make me feel if it really matters to not pmo at all. I also get scared that i wont be able experience the burst of pleasure from pmo making me more anxious.

Also , part of the cause of relapse is lack of consitency. I lack self discipline very much. I do things half effort but expect good results which is not gonna happen.

So,I will try to be consistent from now.

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