Jee advanced 2019 aspirants

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Age - 17
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion -
I’m a jee advanced aspirant of 2019 . I want to get into IIT BOMBAY with electrical branch. So I need a rank under 250. But sometimes I’m distracted. If I get a companion , we can follow our mission and appear in jee exam successfully.
I need help.
SO please follow me

My code 8y5jes

I dont have a long streak, but I will prove myself definitely a healthy companion and a competitor.

Let’s help each other and together be successful!


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Please do reply. I need help. Please…

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First of all, do not get too much serious about this. You should accept that since you are a fapper, that rank is very difficult to obtain. Be brave and be ready for whatever happens.


Im a fapper from 4 years but still i qualified KVPY in class 11, In general category and that too with rank with in 250 , all by my own effort. ( I did NOFAP for a month till KVPY exam, and same thing again during interview

So there is 1 month left for jee advanced

It’s difficult but not impossible. That’s why I need companion!

If you can’t help, don’t demotivate

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Also NTSE SCHOLAR +NSEA by doing same thing.

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I am sorry. I did not want to demotivate. Best of luck! Just recall your goal whenever you get urges.

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Sorry for being rough in our conversations

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope.- Helen Keller

SO let’s be optimistic , no matter what happens !

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I agree with @AnkitK , bro @anon63822457 , just a tip take IIT seriously, but don’t make it life, do your best. As you mentioned you’re interested in mechanical engineering, there are ton of opportunities around. IIT and NEET is not the only last thing. Don’t stress out. Just do your best so that you don’t regret later. Im completely unaware of your potential, maybe you could rank the IIT or maybe not, but keep in mind people from non IIT background also are living a great life with better opportunities.


Give ur best brother that too in the right direction… Infact improve ur best everyday… Dont think much abt the result… It will automatically follow.
Best of luck.


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