Jason's move towards the glory and happiness

Day 06 : Hi all , I’m currently on my day 06 had few urges today but they are weak .The memes in this app really helping towards me to follow the nofap. Hoping towards to get out of this hell. I need my old life with happiness surrounding me .Due to this habit , i got stomach bloating and burping. I feel like more gas forms now a days when i eat i really depressed about this. I need my old healthy life . Hope this nofap journey cure this …
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Day 08: completed ny day 08 its not hard for me to get into day 8 because i had lots of works and assignments to finish it off Though the inner demon inside me induced me to do that thing i never gave it a chance . We should be keep calm and be focused in our goal thats all i will say :blush:


Day 09 : yea it was so hard yesterday ,i was totally devastated . But today i woke up at 4am surprisingly !
I never set a alarm ? Seee the power of our human clock?
If you really really wants to do something to do uou can . I finished yesterday’s work within 2 hours today morning which would take more than 2 hours if i did it on yesterday , seee the power of human will power? … i:m just satisfied with myself and happy heeee :joy: if i study like this soon ill be able achieve my goal !. I hope i finish the syllabus as soon as possible. :upside_down_face:

Thanks for reading :upside_down_face:

You can also do it guys believe in yourself :heart_eyes:


Day 10 : Today is a fantastic day. I studied a lot .if i continue this speed i will get good result soon i guess. Focus on your goals guys !


I relapsed after 14 days streak :sweat:
I have PE i guess :sweat:

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Day 01 of my new journey :

No urge as it was first day
But i need to be careful . I need to study hard and have get out of this hell. I need to controll ny anger first