Its too hard for me to start this journey again

I had started this journey 1st of January 2018 and I stopped masturbation for 31 days but I failed and I feel that its too late for me to mind what had broken… I need great encouragement plzz

What you want me to do… You want me to say “dont give up you can do it”… Noo I’m not doing that you can only encourage yourself, I hope the best for your but you need to get your hustle on and get what you want don’t rely on others for motivation the benefits are waiting for you so GO GET THEM YOURSELF

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Hi @dodo123, don’t ever give up! You already stopped masturbation for 31 days, which is so much longer than so many others ever reached! So you know you can do it again.
Just now that relapsing doesn’t mean that you are weak. You are a PMO addict, and beating an addiction is very difficult. Remember how good the 31 days felt.
Just analyze what the reason is why you relapsed, what your trigger was, and try to avoid it next time.

Here’s an article someone posted that I found helpful:

It is never too late! Remember, “One day or Day One”

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Well it’s true that when you relapse after a long streak it makes you feel hopeless…I had a recent relapse after a 7 day streak… my longest streak was 42 days… and since the i have never been able to keep my streak for more than 10 days…
When you fall you will always feel that all your efforts have gone to waste…but it’s not the case…falling down doesn’t mean it’s all over…it’s just that you’ve encountered another hurdle that keeps you from achieving your goal…it tells you more about yourself and your weakness…it makes you aware of potential traps that led you to your relapse which you can avoid in the future… use failures as your stepping stone…
Sometimes discouragement and frustration can itself trigger more PMO episodes…well it’s good that you come out of your closet and face the dragon head-on. We all fall…we are weak…but it’s never too late to get up back again…
Let’s do it together…


Really thank you… you encouraged me to start again… I also after my relapse… my best srteak was 14 days as I remember… Can you be my companion?!

Really thanks for your nice words I felt really better … I should take away all this failures and give myself more chances :muscle: :heart:


Yah surely…
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