It's normal in your opinion?

It is one of the short-term effects of no fap, (perhaps of the first 20/30 days of cleaning) the fact that I am extremely depressed, as if I want to end my life?
Guys, I am on 11 days streak in hard mode, almost monk mode. I use my phone maximum 2 hours per day, adult content blocker always activate, at least 1 hour of sports and movement per day, I dedicate about 6 hours to study (both personal and for the college), I eat clean and detox.
Maybe… my severe depression could be related to the fact that I haven’t been on drugs or drunk for 17 days (I have also an addiction of this 2 things)… I do not know what is happening to me, I have many ups and downs, during the day I’m in focus mode, in the evening when I go to sleep I start having a really bad headache, and all I can do is think about things really very bad and disturbing.
Another cause related to this could be the fact that I am no longer leaving the house to socialize, my home outings are dedicated either to buy something I need or to go to study or to training.
I don’t go socialize because I was with very toxic friends who didn’t allow me to express my full potential, it is difficult to change friendships and social circles, but I certainly won’t go back with them otherwise I will fall back into the vicious circle of drugs, alcohol and fapping.
Tell me your opinion… I think I need help.


yes buddy it’s absolutely normal to happen, you are doing something called " Dopamine detox , since you have other addiction’s Drugs , alcohol, and masterbation, your body now is on cleaning mode , your body started to clean the shit you put it in , and decreased the amount of dopamine ( happiness Hermon ) the reason why it decreased because you were taking high amount of it from drugs and masterbation and alcohol, you will start to feel depressed, and hating your life …etc , but actually that’s a good sign that you are recovering from the shit you were in
Now help your buddy and don’t give up don’t man , start making gym goals , start doing life goals and entre the focusing mode , you have to do some good things in your life to get the natural dopamine, more you achieve a goal more dopamine more reason to live more confident you get more noticeable, more girls attractive to you more testosterone more strength, more masculine you get , more focus you will be able to focus for hours and more benefits believe me it’s just Hard time for victory
so now the best thing you can do is to resist the urge to drugs and alcohol , also go to doctor get some help maybe some medicine to get fast recovery,
Try natural boosters like ashwaghanda , Vitamin and nutritional supplements Get your self some rest also ( when i say rest doesn’t mean to back to the shit you were doing) no get rest go camp in nature , or get free day away from phone and any fast dopamine, try to learn some skills or just sleep and eat like horse
write a plan for habit changer
checkpoint like 3 months of doing this when i finish this i will get this i will use it to make this ( like that every 1 months pass that’s a checkpoint
do this for at least 6 months from now
and you will be a damn badass keep hunting your goals and don’t give in🔱


It’s perfectly normal. My recommendation is you should go to a good Psychiatrist. It’s helps a lot. I had PMO problem for 12 years and I tried everything but to no avail. Recently I went to a good psychiatrist and I’m on day 24 now. He councilled me. Listened to my problems. He gave super helpful advices. He removed some of my misconceptions. And he prescribed antidepressant for 2 months and all of this is helping a lot.
You should have some support in this recovery period. And psychiatrists and well equipped to help quit addictions. ( especially addiction psychiatrists)

All will be good. You just have to make an effort to get better. And you are doing awesome.


Very helpful, thanks guys :pray:

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