It's much more than PMO addiction

I am 24 y olds and my problem is much more than PMO addiction.

I am actually considered handsome and I am(or was) very socially person, never had difficulty to get girls. BUT my penis its not that big, I meany it is small to medium size.

So I getting too much anxious when time to have sex, because I know girls love to talk about sizes making jokes about that (I have friends doing this)

So, I sincerely got addicted with PMO to escape myself from my anxious. I can “f***” girls with a huge penis, doing the best job ever.

But now, I am isolating myself each more and more, kind of getting depression with it actually.

And the worst part is: I
will never be comfortable having sex. Never.
Its killing me.

Honestly, girls will talk no matter what. Big, small, whatever. They want to seem like queen of the bedroom and will find sonething about you to degrade. Just how girls are. I have a wife, I know.

I really see two options for you.

  1. Learn to do what you can with the size you have. I could get into detail but I don’t want to trigger anybody. Including you and me. Basically though, getting the deepest doesn’t matter that much. There is a lot more you can do without even using your penis. A lot lf girls favorite parts happen before a guys pants even come off.
  2. Don’t have sex until after you get married. Wait until you find a girl who loves you for who ypu are, not the size of your penis. If she truly loves you, then size really won’t matter that much and she’ll work with you to figure out what works best for you both.

Just some friendly advice, you asked. Hope it helps. And also, what seems small to ypu may not actually be small, might be, but be careful what you base it on.


Also there are women out there who respect men and don’t need or want men with huge dicks.

Porn skews our view of our bodies. Most men don’t have dicks the size of the guys in porn, but that’s what sells, so we all think that’s a normal or average size, but it’s not.

Good luck.


at least you have a dick… :slight_smile:

I recimmend you watching the Youtube channel “RSD-Max” he is always talking about how small his dick is.
Still he is a pickupartist and fucks bitches to sleep everyday.