Its funny, people tell about urges!

Male 34. Day 15 of Hardmode

Primarily I’m on no PMO because I’ve lost all pleasure in Porn, Masturbation, Sex and in short everything. I didn’t go for Hardmode NOFAP by my own instead my brain has stopped me from PMO because of exhaustion from 20 years of rigorious PMO. I dont feel any difference what Im today and 15 days before. 0 urges then and 0 urges now for anything. I’m waiting for miracle that my ED, PE and 0 libido cures one day…


hey mate :wink: welcome!

best of luck on your journey.

when reading/learning about PMO & nofap i ahve only read about a few people reporting this. they ahve mentioned that the flatline came for them later on. so maybe beware of that =)

sorry to hear that everything is boring to you, that sound very uncofmfoitable/stressful.

hope that it will get bette rthrough out thetime you sepnt rewiring



Don’t worry man… You’ll be alright after some…

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Exactly no one talks about it I am 22 and I have been struggling with this addiction from 8 years and now when I relapse I don’t feel any urge till 20 days🌚

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