Its fine to be bored [ Dopamine Detox challenge]

Good afternoon

Men are becoming weaker day by day
The powerful corporations out there who have power, money, technology and research wants us to stay weak so that they can earn more
And things are just going to get worse with AI and VR.

The post is going to be long
If u want to join this challenge but feel lazy to read the entire post - u already have short attention span
(Nothing to be ashablmed of because i was once the same. Though i have improved quite a bit but i have lot more to grow)

What are the unhealthy habits that give high dopamine but u dont get anything or much in return?

  1. Gaming
  2. Social media (including infinitely scrolling on yt,fb and even twitter)
  3. Binge watching (series, anime, or even manga)
  4. P*rn or/and m@$
  5. Tv
  6. Junk food and sugar food

These are the few things that i know of
If u want to add anything u r free to add

The question is are these things a problem.
I would say absolutely yes.

Lets see about each thing separately


Games these day are made to be addictive.
Gaming companies employ psycologists to research on human brain and this helps the gaming company to be more and more addictive (You Dont need to believe me, you can research by urself.)

We spend hours and hours on games just become We feel a sense of accomplishment when we are leveling up in game. But on the other hand we are just trying to make ourselved forget about the reality where we have made no progress at all and we feel guilty of that and to escape that and feel sense of fulfillment we continue gaming. After a certain time it so happens that you no more enjoy gaminy but you still continue to do it because of FOMO on the skins, getting a fake sense of accomplishment and to make u feel less guilty.

  1. Social media, binge watching and tv
    We tend to keep scrolling and binge watching (mindlessly watching)
    Every few says there is a new series
    Every few seconds a new video is uploaded on social media

You just keep scrolling amd scolling infinitely
Till either u dont have energy left or u dont have internet left
And if u have a wifi there is no end.

When will u stop??

  1. Junk food and sugary food
    There is nothing wrong in having it once in a while
    But these days many have it on daily basis which is not good
    I binge eat junk food whenever im low and when i have relapsed

Why cant we stop eating this if its unhealthy?

  • im yet to find this answer

In the first two situations we tend to waste more than 2 years of our life if done for long periods
Isnt time precious??
I mean wont these two years worth of time help in improving ur career, physical and mental health, your relationships with many people around you??

This challenge is to overcome all these things
But this doesnt mean not to enjoy our life
The problem is we have equated these things as enjoyment which is the new normal.

what to do with your time

Do anything that doesnt involve the technology
Or dont do anything and just keep walking around the house or do some workouts on ur own without technology

Sometimes i take a pencil and just scrible in a small paper out of frustration


The rule is simple

  1. Select one of the addiction to quit other than po^n and m@$
    (It can be anything like no fb, no snapchat, no instagram, no youtube, not to instal chrome on phone, no anime, no series and so on - it may differ from person to person dependinh on ur addiction or habit) -say example instagram

  2. You need to not use that means no matter what
    (Think as if thats life or death situation)

  3. While focusing on that 1 thing you need to try to avoid using other supranormal dopamine induced stuffs that you are addicted to.

I mean push urself not to use it
If u fall on a particular day
Make sure not to let things get out of ur hand
(By this i mean if u have wasted say 1 hour on a particular day on youtube, u need to realise that u are doing it subconsciously and need to stop it and dont waste any more time and from that very moment u start to not indulge in it)

  1. Once u get to certain number of days where you feel that u can take on to another one of the addictions
    Go for it and then work on two of these

Reasons for such vague rules

  1. Blockers or tracker wont help u
    I have tried and tested it

  2. Leaving all of them together will just make u insane and mad
    So hence 1 step at a time

  3. No point system because this challenge is all about being conscious while using tecnology


  1. Darshan2017 - Gaming

In Progress.

  1. DARSHAN2017 - anime and series
  2. @Vortexkicker - Fb and youtube

Motivational posts
To be added soon

If anyone is willing to join
Then reply as follows

All those things that you are addicted to
The one which you want to prioritise first.

I want to invite @Vortexkicker to this challenge

The things i want to quit

  1. Binge watching ( Anime and series)
  2. Youtube

The areas i want to limit

  1. Junk and sugary foods

The things i have quit

  1. Gaming

So now ill choose anime and series to quit

Hey @DARSHAN2017

Iā€™m here and joining.

Social media is what i need to decrease. Facebook and YouTube.

Once a week my phone gives me a weekly report on usage. Said last week i was 10 hours more than the week before

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I am doing slightly better with YouTube than Facebook.

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Nice brother
Regarding my thing
Im almost on the borderline of overcoming anime and youtube
I just need to be more determined
I have strong reasons
I dont enjoy them
But since im habituated to them it makes me difficult to quit

The issue im having these days is
While i study
Well after an hour or so
I start getting thoughts like

  1. U deserve a break so watch just 1 episode or just 1 roast video
    And then there i go down the water slide of dopamine
  2. If not for relaxing then another reason is
    After studyung for sometime
    I feel i cant get anything else in my brain
    And so i give myself excuse that i need to feel better and i think that if i get the dopamine i might become motivated to study but that doesnt happen

Ill tty shifting these thoughts to taking a nap when i dont feel like studying or short workouts or breathe meditation

If not for these reasons
I even hate the thought wasting time on these

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