It's been a long time!

Hey everyone!
it’s been a long time since my last visit to this forum.
I havn’t been using the mobil app for a while, but I came to the forum from time to time.

I think this app and this forum is really helpful! it helped me a lot!

I was a compulsive masturbater (I dont know if that is even a word ahaha) but, with this app, I achieved a relapse rate of abou 1.5/month. In my experience I can confirm to you tha this is a process that tate time… is not simple and not easy. so dont be afraid if you relapse in your journey… it will get better in time.

Wish the best to al of you!

PD: sorry for my english. I speak spanish


You’re like the second female I’ve ever seen doing NoFap.

Weren’t we all?

I hope so… Best wishes to you too…


hugs :cat: :cat:

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Stay strong Kate.

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