It's been 2 days but still brain fog

On 15th May,I relapsed. Now it’s been more than 48 years,I’m still unable to feel about myself,and clarity in thinking. I’m still getting brain fog,and I wanna let you guys remind once again it’s totally useless to relapse, it’s absolutely BS to loose your life force.

" Don’t go for pleasure of 10 minutes at the expense of loosing 100 hours of your living and feeling good "


You already know that the pleasure you got from relapsing is just an illusion. Bare this in your mind and next time when you get an urge just read what you said in this post.

Don t worry about the brain fog. Just do what you usually do and you won’t even notice when it is gone.

Dont focus on brain fogs much , it is temporary and increases after relapse. When we focus/react to urges it tends to increase more! similiarly if u focus on brain fog it will increase even more! drink lots of water! initial stage is hard!
If you want to become stronger you have to go through all these!

I reset my counter to 0 as today I had watched p4rn

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Bro, don’t expect things to happen at your will, it will dissapoint, I know it is hard, please don’t beat yourself up for a relapse, it is the worst thing u can do to ur self. I pray that you get out of your fogged out state soon and I pray that you have strength to beat your urges and go on long streak.


This time I want to achieve pure 90 days streak… …
I am tired of hearing I’m creepy,now it’s time to change myself


You can do it. I’ll check on you from time to time. Be honest about you progress. I’ll be honest with you as well

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Sure brother I’m in

I’m following you ,you can follow me back… this time,not even peeking,I would love to die craving dopamine,but I won’t allow myself to watch anything closed to sexual things

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