It's all true. well, kinda

I somehow went past day 2 and entered day 3, only to give in. I relapsed, hard. Before i knew it, i already did the deed. Funny thing is, during the no fap time, i didn’t realise anything, i was confident, i believed in myself, i was actually trying to be productive. It was all gone when i relapsed, and i immediately noticed the change in my state of mind.
-I was no longer excited to wake up early in the morning, i wanted to sleep no matter what. I slept more
-Felt very lazy and tired to do anything
-Didn’t even want to touch the books i was reading during no fap, spent my time on my phone
-felt very depressed, i felt anxious, suicidal even. The self love i had for myself during no fap was gone

So what i realised is that, you may not feel the difference when you’re nofaping but the difference in the state of mind was clearly night and day. Atleast for me. I see why people do this now. I thought it was all BS, i believe it now


Well. Sorry to hear of the relapse. Been there and understand. Being able to be in control.does give us a lit of confidence. But dont worry, we just have to keep on trying and we will achive some in roads. Whats your longest streak mate?