Its a new beginning

hi everyone! i started watching porn from 16 years…now im 21 i have become a serious addict…normal porn does not excite me…i switched over to weird genre. i even tried the nofap challenge…once i went on no PMO for 109 days.then i fuking relapsed 4 times in a i cannot go more than 10 days & everytime i relapse i do it again within hours. today i found this app on play store & i really hope that this time i’ll quit forever! i would gladly appreciate ur help guys & we all can come out of this trap for good.


Welcome brother, Join some contests, it will be fun and give you a good start while keeping you motivated… Stay strong. :smile:

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Welcome brave one!

Feel free to add us fellow NoFappers

Also, there are a lot of motivational posts and guides on how to stay away and keep down your urges if you want to have a look! :slight_smile:

Happy NF Journey!! :slight_smile:

Join My 21 Days challenge.

Hey bro. I have been addicted 11+ years and currently on day 12 for the first time. Let’s do this together! 1d2679