Issue regarding penis

Hii guys I am. Experiencing some issue
It’s been 3 days my penis is not bigger natural
Like when we wake in morning like that one
And 2 days ago there was little red urine coming so I don’t know what happening??
Please help!!!

To be honest that sounds like an issue you should go to the doctor for.


I’m sure someone else will reply to this post at some point but to me it doesn’t sound like a problem that has been caused by nofap (if that’s what you were wondering).

Yaa you are right man I searched on Google and the reason why my penis is not increase is stress because I am in 12 std and from Tomorrow my final exam are going to start and really getting nervous and I also search for red urine it’s says that if you eat beatroot it contains some red colour and it is the reason for red urine

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Bro, porn cannot be the disease and the cure.
It is the disease, that’s it. Don’t use it as a method of diagnosing yourself. That’s just foolishness. Consult your doctor! Get better!


Red urine is not normal at all.
Consult a doctor.

Bro that day I eat beetroot that why my urine was red now everything is fine.i will observe for 3 days if it is still their then definitely going to consult doctor