Isnt it weird that this community

Isn’t it weird that this community only cares if females are getting harassed by a male user but doesn’t give a flying crap about if a male is getting harassed here by a female? Im actually talking from personal experience on another platform but it seems like its the same here…


If you ever feel that any user is harassing you in any way, be sure to flag it or DM me. Which ever platform it may be, harassment of either gender is not tolerated, if it is a good platform. The post you are referring to was put up because we had a couple of incidents where female users were harassed, it’s not that the community does not care about any of it’s users :slight_smile:


Thank you first of all for your immediate response! I was on the nofap site when the incident happened and it happened with a female user who through being a nofap streak partner tried to solicit me for sex(well not quite but still she wanted to have sex with me) but it seems that this won’t happen here thank you so much for reassuring me and I hope I can have a long acquaintance with you guys!


Sorry to hear that, but be sure to flag anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Hope your experience with this forum is a good one :smiley:


Isn’t it weird you joined 3hrs ago and you faced this?


I think he faced this problem somewhere else not here but decided to post it here for some reason :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Btw i have never seen a male user harrassed by female user here :slightly_smiling_face:


He did told it here @Dean_Ambrose

I believe he might’ve seen the pinned message that’s for the trolls tbh most people here are really friendly


On the nofap site…again…


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