🌙 Islamic Style Hard mode-Shawwal Challenge [Challenge Ended]

Edit: Initially this was Ramadan Challenge 2024 but after it’s completion on the request of participants, I’ve renamed this challenge. I hope we all continue the good habits. To enter this challenge, the format is same as described below.

Let’s try hard mode Islamic Style

We all have tried best of routines with meditations, cold showers، exercises, studies etc. We all have done our best to develop discpline and consistency and we have achieved somewhat success in it. But we haven’t tried our best yet.

Let’s try hard mode but in Islamic style this time. So here’s the plan.

  1. Let’s offer 5 times namaz in masjid.

Namaz saves us from indecent acts and sins according to Quran.

  1. Let’s offer tahajjud namaz.

Waking up for tahajjud tramples our nafs according to Quran.

  1. Let’s incorporate Zikr and Istaghfar in our routine. Especially in morning and evening

Zikr is the life of soul and heart. And according to Hadith, if the heart is right, the whole body will be right.

  1. Let’s incorporate Fasting in our routine. Monday and Thursday should be fasting days.

According to Hadith, fasting helps curb desires and helps lower the gaze.

  1. Let’s read Quran with translation everyday. At least 10 ayats.

Quran is the word of Allah Almighty and it is the book of guidance. What better book to read for training the right mindset than quran.

  1. Let’s seek Allah’s protection against Satan and ask for Allah’s guidance and help by Dua

Prayer/ Dua is the weapon of a Muslim. Whenever we are tempted, we should recite La hawla Walaa quwwatta illa billah and also pray to Allah for help.

Let’s do these 6 things and see the results for ourselves. If we really want to quit p o r n and masturbation, we should add these 6 habits in our routine otherwise we are not serious about quitting.

Our predecessors used to fast in the day and pray in the night, they went to the extremes in order to achieve total control over their desires and self. And here we are panicking at the slightest of discomforts. Let’s follow their footsteps and declare war on ourselves. Let’s win over our desires.

As the name suggests, this challenge will begin in Ramadan. The goal is to use this magnificent opportunity of Ramadan and achieve the streak and self-control we could not achieve before.

FASTING is the number 1 weapon against sexual urges. It is normally very difficult to fast continuously alone in your house to gain power over PMO but in Ramadan every Muslim fasts for 1 month!!! :star_struck:

Let’s use this once in an year opportunity to our advantage.

Those in chaser effect, be prepared to break free and have a 1 month super awesome streak :muscle:!!!.
Those already having a streak, be prepared to power up and be awesome even more :fire:!!!

To take part in this challenge, reply in this format

Name and sharing code
Current streak and Highest streak
Your best tip against PMO


I’m taking a break. To take part in this challenge, just add yourself or just start posting. No need to add yourself, you are already part of this challenge.

Everyday check-in for accountability

This is highly recommended. Check in and update your progress regarding the following positive habits you need to build.

  1. Number of Salat offered in masjid and/or home ( with focus and understanding )
    Taraweeh offered yes or no ( Taraweeh is a test of your willpower. You need to strengthen it.)

  2. Quran read /listened with translation. Either by number of pages/Surah/ayaat or time spent

  3. Zikr and Tasbeeh with concentration on its meaning and love in heart
    Either by number of Tasbeeh or time spent

  4. Exercise
    Yes, this is very important for improving mood and decrease withdrawal symptoms if any. If it is difficult to exercise, let me tell u secret.
    Just exercise for 15 minutes right before Sehri or Aftari!!! It will be mentally and physically very easy.
    Or you can exercise in between Aftari and Sehri. Your choice, what’s feasible for you.

  5. Any other positive habit you wish to develop.

Important Advice
Fasting is difficult in normal days but not in Ramadan. You will be already fasting in this month. So why not have THE BEST QUALITY AND MOST PRODUCTIVE STREAK!!!

Just for this month, forget whether a task is difficult or not. Just do it!!!.

Avoid all triggers!. Protect you eyes!.
Imagine the super powerful motivation you will develop building all those positive habits!!!

Imagine how proud you will be at the end of the day when you would have offered all your salat on time, exercised self control and made your day productive!. :grinning::innocent:


Take part in this Ramadan Challenge and be prepared to go all out on building the foundation of your POSITIVE, PMO free and healthy lifelong habits.


This challenge is now closed. If you are looking for a challenge to join, you might find one in the Latest Challenge topics

Scoreboard for Participants

  1. iNeverGiveup420
  2. Binocular
  3. Nadeem
  5. Doncarlo
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  24. @Red_no_nut

Name: iNeverGiveup420
Sharing code: srp5r4
Age: 27
Current Streak: Day 3 going on
Highest Streak: 101 Days
Tips: I’m copy pasting my old post about tips

:fire::fire::fire:5 COMPULSORY POINTS to AVOID a RELAPSE and achieve a LONG STREAK to FREEDOM :fire::fire::fire:

These are some points I have learned in my journey when I reached 101 days of no PMO

POINT 1. Learn to automatically divert your eyes away from triggers. Maybe you dont want to stop using youtube or watch a movie, Ok no problem. But you need to train your mind and eyes to not check out the opposite gender and only look at their face. By following this, you will get expert in dealing with popups and surprise triggers.

But If you are early in your noPMO journey then its better to avoid all triggers. Go on a dopamine fast (no dopamine and entertainment from screen). Just avoid visual and auditory i.e. ALL TRIGGER. Stay the hell away from screen, social media and movies (also series and animes). Don’t check out girls or opposite gender.

POINT 2. Observe/Stay busy to defeat physical urges. Don’t fight the urges, it will get powerful if we concentrate on it. Just observe the urge without reacting. After a few minutes it will disappear. That’s the reality of urges. They are temporary so don’t let it take root in your mind. Staying busy is the ultimate weapon to defeat horniness. Staying busy for a lifelong goal and dream is better. Follow a routine. Don’t divert from it. More importantly, don’t wish for the urges to disappear. Accept them as you are a human being. Don’t obsess over streak. Urges would be same on day 150 or day 5 but your reaction to it changes. Be at peace with your current physical feelings and urges. Accept them as everyday normal. Accept their presence. You don’t need to react. Peace.

POINT 3. Never fantasize. If a sexual thought comes, just focus on something else. It just takes 5 seconds to redirect to a new thought. Entertaining a thought will increase its power and make you more horny and create powerful urges. So focus on something else. Don’t fuel that sexual thoughts otherwise it will grow claws and grip your mind. Never entertain that thought otherwise it will transform from a thought to an action. Stop before that happens.

POINT 4. Don’t touch your privates ever. Don’t put your hands in the pants. NO Touching!!!

POINT 5. Remember your horrible feelings after EVERY. SINGLE. RELAPSE!!!. Remember all the time you wasted, all the opportunities you missed, all the life changing decisions you made wrong due to this addiction!. Think how awesome your life would be without PMO. Think how happy you will be when you become better and better everyday never stop improving. No ■■■■ will satisfy you. No masturbation will make you happy. PMO will not decrease your stress. It will not relax you. You don’t need PMO to feel good. You don’t want PMO anymore. YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTED BY PMO ANYMORE. YOU VIEW PMO AS DISGUSTING, HORRIBLE AND VOMIT PRODUCING. YOUR PAST IS PAST. NOW YOU ARE A NEW AND BETTER PERSON. AND YOU WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO THAT CRAP!!!.

After breaking from the conscious mental attraction of PMO, now just take a cold shower or put cold water on your privates (if you know for sure you won’t touch yourself). Then stay busy in your task. Or take a walk, socialize, eat or drink something and exercise.

Practice these 5 points. Make it a habit and you will NEVER relapse!!!

Congratulations, you just avoided and defused a relapse. You are getting better at this. SOON , YOU WILL ACHIEVE HIGHER STREAKS AND BREAK FREE !!!. MAN, YOU are SIMPLY AWESOME :fire::fire::fire:


I’m mentioning participants of 2022 Ramadan challenge
@mhd_ameen @mahmudulhasan @ali4th @darkacademia @Athman @Bilal_M @samichamp95 @rownok030


@Gokura @anasana11
@NhTbH @wool @Affay @auroraborealisss @Rahat71 @sameernehal


I am not a muslim but I completely agreed with this. Fasting kills lust, and wrong desires.:+1:


You are absolutely right brother :100:


Assalamu Alaikom. I would like to join.

Username in the forum: Binocular
Username on the app: Surbatingsi
Sharing code: 4e8x24
Age: 17
Current Streak: Day 56 ongoing
Highest Streak: 56 Days

Let’s change our lives in this beautiful month :muscle:


Hail Lord Sharbat Singh :blush::muscle:



Well I wouldn’t say lord but thanks, I guess…


I would like to join too

Name : Nadeem
Sharing code : gku54h
Age : 21
Current streak : 13 Days
Highest streak: 29 Days


@VAGABOND It’s finally here. Let’s goo!!!


Walikumassalam… Welcome bro welcome…I’ve added you…and awesome streak btw :100::fire:


Welcome bro…I’ve added you…let’s do this :100::+1:


Of course i am joining here
Tonight is the night of the middle of Shaaban
There is 15 Days to get to Ramadan
Can’t wait this
Thanks brother @Binocular :people_hugging:


And a small note
I am already fasting from this month so
I relapsed because i was not fasting
But now i am going to fast all days
Fasting is a good preventing reason why you don’t do sins like watching pMo


That’s awesome :100::fire:

That’s right brother. Fasting acts like a power up.


Added you brother… welcome aboard


I would like to join this challenge
Name :- Sadik
Sharing code :- yi22qo
CS :- 4


I’ve added you. Welcome aboard bro