Is watching an item song a relapse?

I was listening and enjoying to an item song , but after the song got over I realised there was a girl in swimsuit dancing , so is it relapse ?

No brother
Watching porn is a relapse …

We avoid watching item songs because they have triggering content…they promote urges and finally you could relapse…

It is something that one should avoid but it is not a relapse.


Stop seeking outside validation on trivial matters. Make your rules, commit to them. Its all about how hard you want to live.


Thnx for telling, I was scared that I relapsed my 4 days streak

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Actually I listen music everyday on TV, I’m thinking of stopping this and start to listen on spotify… As sometimes vulgar songs starts urge


It is a better option to listen to songs on a music app. I found Spotify is the best. I even use them for podcast which is amazing for on the go language studying or on interesting debates.

Why I mention this is sound content without picture is better as that what you can’t see won’t lead you into temptation. The other thing don’t limit yourself here do have some fun, except avoid the songs that can trigger you.

Like mentioned make rules you stick to! This was a good question don’t ever doubt on asking any questions even if you think it’s dumb because it is the only way you are going to learn!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome

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