Is this the end? Help

Should i consider my streak broken if i did sex? I didn’t fapped to pixels, models, porn or any kind of artificial stimulation. I did real sex so would it still consider a relapse?

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Okay, thank you bro.

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Bro what is your judgement is telling? Are you considering it as a relapse or not?

Depends on what your NoFap mode is. On hardmode, one does not orgasm under any circumstances. Also, I’m not saying you have but some people on NoFap forums have sex with escorts/hookers and I’d consider that a relapse… just saying.

Take care.


That was the case I couldn’t controlled myself and I didn’t want to fap so I choosed that option. Still in my opinion i would consider it a relapse in monk/hard mode but not in soft porn. Complete relapse can make me fall into chaser effect. Lets keep the soft mode streak running.