Is this normal? (Sex/NoFap questions)

Is it normal to be able to have sex for an hour or two without an orgasm, still banging really hard, while your wife has like five after fapping for a while?


Yes this is normal.

I can bang my wife whole day but it would tear my cock tissue & her pussy.

I had done 4 hours sex continously without ejaculation during my wedding night.

During my first week of weeding i did daily sex with normal duration of sex was 2 hours. Each day & night for 7 days straight.
My penis was sore & i had to see a doctor after that week.

I did all that without ejaculation.


How did you cure it?

I have no problem… i can ejaculate when i want.
Those days my aim was not to ejaculate.

Bhai ek baat bolu kya . Tu puri tarah se mentally or physically theek hai . Muje nahi lagta tu koi masturbation se effect hua hai teri life mein . Logo ki sex life ke aise taise hote dekha h meine isse addiction se.

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Ek time tha jab mera khada nahi hota tha … ladkiyon ki chut mei mera so jata tha … after 4 months of nofap i was cured emotionaly.

I have premature ejaculation bhai…did u ever experience it in ur life…how can i cure it any suggestion…???.


Your penis skin is sensitive … do sex slowly & if you ejaculate dont worry… after ejaculation… again insert your penis in vagina… 2nd time sex … you will not cum instantly…

Do sex regularly like with a gap of 8 days to make your penis skin rough.

Bhai i m 21 unmarried & virgin…:joy:

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Fap krte hue pe hoti ha

Come on man… its stupidity height.

How can say you have premature problem if you havent had sex.

Fapping is not even close to real sex feeling.


Ok bro…thnx 4 advice


:rofl::joy:You are funny man.


It can be man. That is I want to tell you that you are not suffering from any disorders and you are not also regular fapper . When I was 12.5 year old on that time I fapped it took time more 10 to 12 minutes and now at the age 22 it takes less than 1 minutes . Isse addiction ke jo baap rahe unse jaake puchi ki kya kya face karna pad Raha h life mein . जीते जी नामर्द बना दिया इस लत ने ।

Slowly slowly this addiction has ruined everything .


Exactly I too faced that… During teenage it be used to take few minutes for ejaculation now it happens within seconds.
@Resurrection how to cure it ?


Wow that’s surprising… Personally, the more I fapped , the longer I had to masturbate to reach orgasm. Just before NoFap, I had to stroke for maybe 1 hour and a half before finally having a lame orgasm and a lot of sperm.

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Ejaculation is good.
No ejaculation is a problem.

Do you face difficulty in doing sex ?
Or Are you just assuming like batish who is a virgin .

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I’m married and ejaculate before insertion, any cure?

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Its normal to Precum before sex… are you sure you orgasm before sex…can you explain it.

If you are ejaculating before insertaion every time then I am 100% assured that you are suffering from impotent . The only one thing can save your situation that is nofap on hardmode for more than 6 months . No gym, no medicine , no sexual techniques can cure it .only daily yoga , and running with celibacy life can cure it very soon .

Bro change your life style otherwise you will go more in darkness . I am also suffering this type problem .