Is this common?


Hi, im on Day 1. I recently realised (admitted) that I got a serious problem. Two days ago I watched porn and stroked and I was feeling high, almost shaking, my mind went all foggy, and after I remembered the feeling of numbness. The days just go by rapidly and motivation is at low levels… Is this common?


I doubt there is data on this, but I would assume it is common. I get the feeling anyway. And, reading accounts of others you can find similar experiences.
I gues it has to do with dopamine overdose. Read on yourbrainonporn on article about mojo and ejaculation.

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Yes. It is good that you were mindful of and sensitive to the negative effects on your body, which has helped you make a beneficial decision.

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You’re definitely not alone in experiencing this. I can relate.Especially in my more excessive binges.Especially with regards to lack of motivation.When you have tricked your brain into thinking that you’re the alpha of alpha males with unlimited access to unlimited young attractive
women you just think:Why bother working towards anything else? Nofap becomes a brutal red pill for the brain as it comes to terms with the fact that nothing is more “beta” in the real world as pornaholicism.

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Wow! Thank you I have never though of it this way, this is really an eye opener!