Is this a test? Help me pass please

As the year is coming to an end, i feel as if im being tested. Its so weird, all this triggering content has been popping up out of no where and that isn’t usual because in my daily life I never really see triggering thing, if I wanted to see that I’d have to go and look for which i haven’t done in months. So I feel like this is a test for the new year and Lord knows I dont want to fail. I guess I’ll just lay low a bit till everything digresses. Because I’ve come to far to be sucked back in. Cheers to a great year everyone
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Hi! I think that life is all about being tested, because when we’re succesful on a test we grow in confidence, it’s shown how hard we tried and that we’re on the right path, as the same way when we fail on them we learn a lot from it (since we look at it in the way we should) and get stronger and stronger getting closer to the perfection. And life is it all. Life is an opportunity to fail and learn, to try hard and be successful, to make the good side, the God’s side stronger than the dark one which belongs to the demons which are constantly trying to increase the number of their soldiers to wipe out the world.
Having said it, I want you to know that if you fail in this test, take it easey, be ok with it. Below here I’ll share a message I made regarding relapse as I hope it may help you if you’re scary to fail and don’t know what to do when it happens. God Bless you and your journey and happy 2019!
"Don’t have bad coversations with yourself after you have relapsed. Always when you do that you’re just not forgiving yourself, you’re not accepting God’s forgiviness and the worst: you’re not learning anything from your failures. Maybe you’ll find out that what makes you not to have a long nofap journey is the fact of everytime you end up fapping you think you’re weak, you feel you’re guilty and you’re not worthy to be pardoned. And guys, it just makes you sad, empty and unmotivated… hence (guess what) you’ll fap again and over and over again. You won’t break the cycle.

So, what I’m encouraging you to do is: everytime you relapse, see it as an opportunity to win in the end, see it as a way to find out what still makes you to fail on your journey, LEARN FROM IT, ACCEPT that since you’re human you’re susceptible to failures and just BUCLKE UP AND GET CRACKING ON THE NEW JOURNEY using what you’ve learned when you were at the bottom of the well as a powerful sword to face all of your ‘enemies’."

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Wow, thankyou sooo much! This is all that i needed to hear

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