Is this a relapse? Help!

I searched for a picture of a porn star. I was just curious to see what she looks like. Didn’t even look at the picture for more than a second. Just to see if I recognized her. There was no excitement or anything on my side.

Is this considered a relapse? Do I start counting from day one again?

Look it happens that our mind plays some trick with us…and we enf up watching some photos or other short videos… Its the mind way to get the dopamine that he used to get…
I recommended you to not to fo it again.
As of now you don’t consider it as relapse but don’t do it… Otherwise photo will convert into videos and so on and so on…


I don’t think a relapse but edging cou lead to one

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It’s not a relapse… But your mind is playing with you …beware :grin::grin::grin:


Thanks y’all. I will work on not doing that again. I was feeling very terrible, I should remember that next time. Lol.