Is this a possibility?

Can there be a possibility that someone’s brain can be so desensitized by watching porn/hentai/static or other ‘drug categories’ that the person no more feels the dangers of M* and P*??

It’s a question I’m having after today’s relapse… can it be possible?
Or else is it just the ignorant behavior because its not happened to me yet?
Not like I want it to happen but, this thought just popped in my mind.

Its like after 1 relapse, there is a series… and then when the brain seems to get the enough content… then it starts thinking about Nofap and other stuff… it’s similar to the heroin addict’s reaction after he’s injected that damn needle in his veins, he comes back to his senses

Anyone knows what this is called??
How can the desensitization be removed??

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I think it happens to all of us,
Our Brian playing tricks on us.

After some time on the journey we start questioning our selves , is pmo really that bad? And we might forget if it cause harm for us in the past.

Sometimes we feel like we want to test that theory, and so relapse.
And other times we unconsciously believe in it, that (pmo is not as bad as I’m picturing it and no fap journey is just a waste of time, energy, efforts) but again it’s just in our brain , tricking us. I think that’s the case in most addictions, when we fall for this , and tired of fighting it anymore, it takes us sometime to wake up, it’s unfortunately when pmo harm us again, big one. That’s what I think, sometimes we relapse and have no regrets at all until later , maybe few relapses, give up on the journey for sometime.

You know it’s a trap, find a way to escape this illusion. Meditate,pray…


If meditate, how many minutes do you suggest should be ideal??

I’m not good at meditating, still new to it

I do 15, 30 minutes.

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I think the best will be if you meditate 10-15 minutes in the morning (after waking up) and then again at night for 10-15 ( before going to sleep)

Also have you ever tried doing “wim hop breathing exercise” ? It really helps

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No fap and staying away from porn completely is the only way.
The longer you abstain, more your brain comes back to normal.
I’ve explained in your diary also.

Bruh you didn’t watch improvement pills course?

He explains like 20 minutes would give you more benefits. But 20 should your high bar, low bar can be even one minute, just do it consistently, on good day 10-15-20 minutes, but even if you don’t want to do it all all, just sit in the meditative form and aim for 1 minute (this helps in forming the habit)

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I actually started Taming the beast first.

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Oh ok.

This is from tamed course itself :joy:. 5th video.

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