Is this a male-only community?

Hello there!
Is this a male only community or are there another girls over here?
I’m a female and I have recognized my porn addiction… Trying to run my own nofap challenge for the first time. Already hitting the 11 days mark.

My main language is spanish , but I can understand English very well.

Can girls be a part of this community?


Of course!!
Unfortunately there are mostly men here. And among the active users we are (I think) only men.
But I always thought that it would be really interesting to have an active girl in here.

I think it will give us new ideas and a different view on this whole topic. :grinning:


Hey there,
sure they can! Although I’m afraid right now there are a lot more male than female members. If it is because more men are addicted to this than women, or that this unrecognized addiction has yet to be “a thing” for women, I don’t know.
Nonetheless, I don’t see the difference in gender. If you have an addiction, you are part of this, end of line :slight_smile: I have to agree to @neveragaintw though, maybe it would be a good thing if numbers were more even on this forum. So please, participate! You may be the first of many following!


Thanks for the support so far!

Fr my perspective this is a very very hard change of attitude… I think it has a different twist for me as a girl, cause society tends to approve a woman who masturbates a lot, more than a men who does the same… What I’m trying to say is that PMO girls can be seen as hotter girls in society, and that makes hard to identify this as a bad habit.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve been into porn since I was a teenager… It was a very close friend to me (actually a man friend) who told me I may have a problem with this thing and that this is really not healthy.

Anyways… I’ve been using this app for a while and I found it very, very helpful. I was not sure about creating an account and join the discussion because I haven’t seen any other girl so far…

Well I hope you can understand my poor English haha thanks!


No problems with your english at all.
Thanks for joining the discussion! Especially if it was a big step for you (it’s for most people), especially if it means stepping in a “male” community as a woman. But as I said, I don’t think it should matter too much. We’re all just human.
The funny thing is, the way you describe societies opinion of masturbating men vs women seems to actually be heavily influenced by porn as well. The porn industry as it is right now is completely men-driven, men-made, which means you’ll mostly see women masturbating and guys having sex with them.
It’s actually scary how much the whole industry shapes society without most people noticing…it’s time to fight this monstrosity and make it part of the public discussion!


:sweat_smile: regarding your english, most of us aren’t native english speaking either. Mistakes don’t matter at all

@amadeus it’s interesting that you say that. It’s a very wired feeling like a mismatch. In my mind girls masturbating is an abstract thing only made for us by the industry as you said (probably in my mind even all the girls). And now it’s a negativ, real thing. Is this just me?

@KateSista just tell us if you have questions about the forum, app or the journey. We will do our best :grinning:

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Hey thanks again! I’m really trying hard to make my English a little bit more correct.

Well… As a (former) porn addict I can say the industry has change in our days… Now there are more and more female porn directors and producers and actually there are companies that are runned entirely by girls (girlsways for example).

But nevertheless, the society particularly in my country, is still too “machista” (idk the English word for that)… So a girl who watch a ton of porn is not bad as a boy who does the same.

Anyways… Now on my 11 days mark I’m really struggling for not relapse… And I can tell you is not easy.


Hang in there! What do you do for preventing yourself from relapsing?

Regarding the “women-made” new porn industry: they are still influenced. They are still part of the system, still raised with those beliefs, often they got into the whole thing themselves quite early. You can’t escape that, unless you have never seen any porn, discovered and explored your sexuality in a healthy way and then by accident decided to shoot a movie about it ^^’
Plus, porn made my men to feed male unrealistic fantasies and unhealthy behaviour is not so different from porn made by women to feed female unrealistic fantasies right? It may be different, sure, but porn is still porn. It’s still only fantasy, like a romance movie is completely different from a real relationship.
And in the end, it’s all about us, not them. We have to change the way we consume, we can’t always blame the product.


Be strong u r the part of this community.U r the first girl i saw on this community hope u will get ur campanions soon.if u r intrested add me too
Adios 8666e9

me too :slight_smile:

this post was too short

Yes, that is exactly what I meant, I just don’t know so many words in English and my grammar i s poor… But that is… Is a whole industry made for fantasy.

How I am handling the urges? Well, after decides to stop pleasuring myself 11 days ago I’ve discovered that I have a lot of free time… And I mean A LOT! I was even bored most of the day at the beginning… Now I’m a little better … Not so bored, and whenever I feel the need for masturbation I forceyself into another thing… If I’m at home I do some weight lifting for example, if I’m not in home I try to think In my job or something… Another thing is helping me is my obsession haha and this is kinda funny: porn develop an obsessive behavior in me… So now when I feel the urge I think in my 11days counter and how tedious would be a start over… So I’m kind obsessed with not to restart the counter now… That helps making the urge go away…


Well I’m not trying to become a real man haha but I like the “there is nothing to go back to”

@CaptainMan how interesting that we clearly and automatically assume the fact that first she wants a man and second she watches heterosexual ■■■■ (don’t get me wrong both could be true!!) I find really interesting that seemingly we as a society are still convinced of the heterosexual supremacy, or is it ■■■■ maybe? Interesting…

@KateSista I as well welcome you to this forum. I like what you write and your style of keeping your mind busy while feeling the urges. Keep us uptodate I’d love to read if there are any developments in your strategies as time goes on and your journey continues. My code is 546bc3 if you wish to add me. Tenga un buen dia y hasta luego (no no guys I am not gossiping about you in a foreign language :stuck_out_tongue: ) And please stop apologizing for your english!! It is good and your grammar is on point :wink: Use those precious two lines for something else :wink:

You said it man, love this!!! Let’s start holding ourselves accountable for what we use and abuse!! :slight_smile:


Most women read their pornography. The so called “Romance” novels which are filled with extremely detailed descriptions of sexaul acts. That is not to say that women do not watch traditional porn too but in general it’s to a much lesser degree.

Because of this society does not view these "Romance Novels "as problematic but they cause a lot of aimilar problems. We have men with PIED from porn and we have women who cannot orgasm during sex. Both men and women form unrealistic views of sex as well as the opposite sex.


@KateSista how is it going?

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@neveragaintw so far so good!

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It’s mostly man forum

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All are welcome here


Also a female 558fe8

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Yeah I believe that porn is not really addictive in the sense of “chemicals” being produced by the brain to the extent of hard drugs. But it is a symptom of an obsessive compulsive behaviour/thoughts.

Very interesting to hear your thoughts on your experience with porn. As women who do come out on NoFap communities are rare and maybe due to the stigma.

Is that ok if I add you?
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