Is there really hope?

I have struggled for years all alone. Always full of shame and fear. As a teen problems like these were condemned and frowned upon so it stayed in the shadows. A few times over the years I would confess the problems and seek help from a mentor, but it never lasted. I would relapse and feel shame, wouldn’t want to disappoint. Back into the shadows feeling empty, but always with a smile. At some point just gave up. Just felt numb. Lacking pleasure, but sense of deadening each time. Just go through the motions of habit. Want to feel support so taking another chance. Never tried something like this app before. Maybe it will help. Maybe just another failure. Time will tell. Planting a seed of hope. Praying it grows.


Yes man there is definitely hope!

I have had similar experiences to you. When I was teen I had trouble telling anyone because no one was quite willing to help me. It was looked down upon and men were afraid to talk about it. Those that were willing to talk about it didn’t have any great advice because they were still addicted themselves.

I went through a really low period in my life, deep deep depression. I wondered how I would ever get out of this.

But as I said there is hope. Where physical support groups or mentors or friends have been lacking, I have found all the help I need on this app. Everyone here is non-judgemental and you can share all your thoughts and hardships and get honest feedback.

Additionally there are actually many members here who have broken free and can give you amazing advice! Before I came here I relapsed about every 3-5 days and my highest streak was 30 days. It took a long time and lots of learning but I’m now finally about to reach 90 days of no PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm). I’m on day 82 currently.


Thank you for your words of support. It has been such a long isolating struggle. I hope I can do this. Never tracked my progress before.


Writing a diary here to track your progress will help. Be honest and ask any questions you have. We will help you out.
Try to read success stories and diaries of others. How they are fighting PMO , what they do to avoid urges etc.


How to write a diary here tuku


Not sure how many days, but started tracking 3 days ago on this app. I will start there. So many triggers every where. Thanks for the advice and support. Need to get sleep now. Up alone which is a risky time. Actually feeling less alone now that I am on the app. You don’t know how much connecting with others mean.


Of course man! If you ever need any help, we are here.

This journey is indeed very isolating. My #1 relapse time is alone at night, but that’s where this app has saved me. Being on here at that time gives me that motivation and direction I need to remember why I do this each day. The community really does make you feel less alone. And the more involved you get, the more it feels that way.

Stay strong man :muscle:


Yes… There is hope.

I have seen people on this forum who were going to suicide because they were trying from the last 13 years to quit and were failing… but… look at them now… Full of life and on high streaks.

You were born as a Free & innocent person. You got addicted in your youth. You become weak. You become a slave. You built chains for yourself. Now… You are here… and i tell you this is a hard task but not impossible.

If you are prepared to give up pleasure then nofap becomes easy and you know what things causes … and give strength to addiction. You know that already.

Jesus has said… One who is innocent like a child… can enter my heaven.
Think like a child… when you were 7 yrs. Old. Disgusted from porn and such things.


@Eagle26 you can create a new topic in the forum. Then while choosing the category you get tons of options like motivation, accountability group , confession ( this one is a confession created by @bobm) , then you will get a diary option amongst them. Select that and you are good to go… you have to continue to reply on that same post.
For example you can read @Forerunner diary , @Alegend diary . Just search the word diary you will come up with lots of diaries shared by the companions.


What I can say is bruh, this journey of ours will not be smooth-sailing. With and without porn. There have been times when I thought that porn was a great thing in my life (denial). There have been times where I thought that porn is repulsive, yet I keep coming back to it.
It was there to numb myself of any feelings of wanting vulnerability and intimacy, like finding a commited relationship with a girl. Thinking that having sex with different girls on the screen or finding casual sex irl can replace true intimacy. It’s bullshit. Nothing can replace the power of love.
Now Im actually going out and meeting a girl.

But learning to steer the course of life without porn as a crutch would be ideal.

As Bruce Lee always says eh, “Be water my friend :slight_smile:” As water is an insoluble substance and has no form. Therefore, it is able to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.


Day 5. So far so good. Keeping busy. I am finding checking the counter very helpful. Don’t want to have to reset the clock. One moment at a time.