Is there any way to actually delete the internet from your smartphone?


I find I can’t stay off Google chrome to view and fap. I hear people saying they deleted it from their phones. How did you do that? Can you help me and is there a way to prevent downloading it again?


You can always buy a phone that is not a smartphone.

But if you want to keep some of the productivity apps like mail or similar, you van block the internet. There is specialized browsers to do that: check k9 browser for example.


There is a way, you can “root” your android device. But it can be quite complicated for some people.

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There’s an app “net spark parental control”, it works pretty well. It can block pretty much everything on your smartphone which would have a potential risk of getting any explicit content, it is something which would be great if you’d installed in your child’s smartphone in order to keep him out of unwanted stuff. It does a pretty great job. Whenever I feel the urges I just turn it on, and start doing some other stuff like karaoke, or books.


Try Samsung galaxy j2 Pro, a smartphone without an internet conection


I know what you feel, Previously I also feel in the same way. However, I can suggest you some solution :

  1. Still use google chrome as your default browser
  2. Activate safe search in your google chrome settings
  3. Use Block site mobile apps to block other unblocked site that has potential to show porn content like twitter
  4. Use Applock mobile application to make you can’t uninstall Block Site Apps
  5. Use difficult password for Applock apps and keep it far from you
  6. Now, you can browse using google chrome without you can access any porn site

I have tried using this method, and it really works. When I have an urge but I don’t have any access, I still can control my mind
Hope it can be helpful tips for you

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Download ADB (android debug bridge) on your PC, enable debuggin on your phone, plug it, than open ADB and run the command:
adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0
To uninstall Chrome
adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0
to uninstall Google Play, so that you won’t be able do download any app again

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The only way I know is to deactivate chrome from the app settings if you have an Android mobile phone


Is it possible only to pay for a service plan on your phone :iphone:to only make phone calls and send texts?

I had 2 unlocked cell phones that didn’t have data service with the company I was paying for service with so I could only make phone calls. :unlock: Your phone doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the internet? Just my assumption based on a few experiences.

What about wifi? I think taking out all browsers might be good but what about porn apps? Then you have to take out the play store too. :anguished:

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You could enable root mode in your phone and then try to disable/delete the internet driver.
By doing this you won’t be able to connect again in that phone (unless you know how to reinstall your android S.O)


If you can root and edit the hosts file that is the most fullproof way. Like I have blocked all manga sites by url so that I don’t waste time on them. But all other sites open on chrome as usual.