Is sex with wife relapse?

I am away from porn and masterbadtion but in doubt if having sex with wife is relapse.

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Absolutely not! Do not withhold your affections from her! If You’re doing it for mutual benefit and love then you’re absolutely clear!



And if you can say you’re away from porn and masturbation you’re pretty much rewired. I’m happy for you :smiley_cat:


Thank you for clearing my doubt.

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The more you’re going away from fake internet images and videos towards a real human’s touch and affection, the more you win and get better at this!

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Depands on you.

If you are a spritual believer like me & have kids then its a Relapse.

If there are no kids and you both love each other, then its not. But sex in love also should be done in moderation. :wink:

We dont have kids and we love each other.yes i am talking about moderate sex only.

No, you are good.
98% of our soceity believes in Moderation.
It takes some guts to go against the normal beliefs of soceity.
So there are only few who achieves extraordinary while they lives. They become Legends & Gods.

I dont want to be god bro, want to be proper human first


Are You the “insurgente” from the past months of this fórum?

It’s him, he’s back on the forum @Aladdin


Rebel, freedom fighter ?