is nofap good for women too?

I’m female and started nofap. I want to know if I can get the same benefits as men?


I am a male , so no idea about it. Maybe professional female no fappers like @NhTbH , @Dari or @sakshi11 can help


Well, I guess someone forgot about another Professional someone :smirk: I’m a male but I studied everything about Nofap.

Hi there, Welcome to this app.

Let’s say a female is addicted to smoking, alcohol, etc. And she stopped, would she suffer again from its side effects? No of course not.

Nofap does the same, both men and women will get the same benefits, maybe time could differ between each someone but the results are always there.

Why do you think that Rewire Companion is made for both men and women? For the same reason of course.

Let’s get those ideas out of our minds, you can never feel truly free in your life if you are a slave to your emotions.

Always be positive, always face your problems and analyze them, not looking for a reason to not call them problems, but accepting them and looking for solutions.

Never take a step back, always think about moving forward :man_climbing:.


Always be like @anon87955785 , rise like a lion :lion:


I don’t know whether I deserve that compliment but thanks :joy::v:


Yeah !! Almost same.
And most importantly If you defeat this Addiction then you’ll get so much Confidence in yourself and that’s the most important thing to live in this Cruel and Selfish World.
Best of Luck for your Journey :boom::raised_hands:

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Yes you can get the same benefits as men.

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Of course you will get ,in both cases one feels the orgasm in an unnatural way . Because of excessive pmo both male and female can be affected by the following:-

  1. Our genitals get used to of stimulation with hands and other stuffs to reach the climax. As a result less interest in actual sex.

  2. Relationship with partner will also get affected in a bad way.

3 . Objectifying other gender.

4 . Low-self esteem and confidence.

The list goes on, but all the above points are enough to tell you the answer sis, either male or female both will get the benefits of nofap. And one more thing , focus on your improvement too.

All the best for your journey ahead sis.


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