Is NIGHTFALL common?

Whenever I abstain myself from PMO for 15 days or more
I always have nightfall after 2 weeks or 10 days …
Is it normal ?

It happens whenever I don’t masturbate for more than 10 days …

How to control this ? Is it common …
I feel so bad after nightfall becoz it comes during my streak and I will relapse after that nightfall and this cycle continues

Please someone help

Brother, don’t worry about the nightfalls/wet dreams. Many people get them on their streaks. It’s not a relapse. Don’t feel that your streak is broken and that you have to reset.

Read this post from @aapoorv75 about wet dreams to get a better understanding of this.


thanks @Forerunner i got my first nightfall in my first highest streak of 13 days and i thought it was a relapse and i was searching for the answer and you have helped me to find the correct answer thanks man​:grinning::+1:


You’re welcome brother @yopai