Is it sign of recovery?

Yesterday night,just out of curiosity to test my urges,I deliberately watched soft core p*rn,I didn’t get any erection. Instead,I feeling like how stupid they r, doing stupid things. Also at the back of my head,my mind was telling " Dude, remember it’s a film, totally fake…Are you that stupid to waste your vital fluids by watching these stupid people doing stupid things "

Quite interestingly,the same night I didn’t get any urges,or any wet dream.

Now let me tell you what is now alluring me. I like to ride my bikes in evening time and watch out some beautiful girls. I don’t give them a creepy look,or constantly staring at them. I just watch them as I pass them,and thank god for creating such beautiful human. I see them as beautiful, intelligent human, with whom I would like to share my feelings and love

Is it sign of recovery ?? As many of you know me,I was never hooked into pornography per se. I was addicted to fapping watching my neighbor aunty, that’s it . And nothing else…now it’s been more than 1 month,I am NOT bothered to peek at her in creepy way. She is somebody’s wife and I gotta respect that.

Thanks everyone again


It makes me happy to see how far you have come. Yes buddy, these are clear signs of recovery. Keep up on nofap and you will see many more changes

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Thanks brother :blush::blush: This community has helped me a lot

If I were I wouldn’t test myself with porn. It can easily make you relapse and go back into into it. Porn addiction isn’t something that just goes away in one month. Surely you will feel much better but still there is no need to test yourself. Let s suppose that you have a bad day and you want to prove yourself that you recovered. And the temptation turns out to be greater than you thought. It is just better to stay away from porn.


I hate porn,this is so shitty. It’s totally fake.

All addictions are similar in a way. I mean, they give us different challenges to overcome but still, at the core, they are similar. I was a smoker once, so I will try to explain what I want to say in a different way…

I quit smoking 6 or 7 years ago. Lets say I have a curiosity to test urges now, so i smoke a puff. What happens after, no one knows beforehand,its unknown. But if I have to guess, there’s a high chance that my brain will convince me to keep doing it occasionally, and sooner or later it will be a daily thing… Or else, may be I will dislike it and I wont do it again. But if I had tried it on another day, may be I will like it. If you had tested it and didn’t like it, may be you just got lucky that things didn’t go the other way around. But, I ask you, is the risk worth it?

Everyday you are without PMO, you recover a bit… It goes on and on… There’s no end date to be honest. I like to think I recovered from quitting smoking… But if I start smoking again tomorrow, now the question I want to ask you is, did I really recover?


You might be true but for my case,as I said earlier I was never into pornography. I don’t enjoy much watching it. My mind has trained itself that always remind me that it’s a film :sweat_smile: only, nothing serious.
Like for example,when you see a murder in movie,do you get anxious or start trembling down your feets?? No, right . Because you know you r watching a film,so you just takes the thrilling experience out of it,and nothing else matters. Same goes with me for pornography as well. I don’t take that sh*t seriously.

What was really a trouble for me was the habit of fapping watching ladies secretly. It’s only that I was struggling to change. Since it’s been 41 days ,I haven’t fapped watching any ladies. I don’t get any urge now to touch my d**k whenever I see a hot lady. My mind constantly reminds of my moral values and that lady was someone’s else wife ,so respect her.

Once I complete 1000 days of nofap, I will start looking for a girl to settle down in life…
No more f**king BS anymore,no more craving for woman…I want to love my lady,and want to have s*x only with my sweetheart

If you are not hooked on porn and you hate it why would you even try to test yourself with it? If it is so bad no wonder that you didn’t get an erection. It is just ridiculous xd

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Pornography, fapping while watching ladies secretly, staring at women passing by, they are all the same. All cut from the same cloth that is lust. Easy to start with one and go to the next. Easy to replace one with the other. Sometimes if you quit one, its about next best thing.

I also understand that you dislike it, its not interesting for you as its only acting… Just trying to tell u to be more careful. For me, it’s like, how close you can stand near a moving train.

All the best on your journey. Peace :v:

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Yeah, you lost me at the very start…
Testing yourself? Who are you kidding?
This is not about becoming able to watch porn, this is about getting rid of it totally. You made a mistake here and will pay the price. I did too

We are human beings , so it is natural to get an erection.

But pornography is not natural.

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People should try to understand that every patient. Is different. It is possible that u watched porn and didn’t get any erection. But for some serious patients like the ICU patients cannot withstand this thing.
Every one is in different state of health.

Porn is like drug addiction.

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